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  1. Oh wow that never occurred to me. Brilliant workaround! Thanks very much! EDIT: Here's the edited patch, with Semen Potion as the correct result of cooking. Thanks again! PSQ Cum to Semen Potion.rar
  2. Sry I wasn't clear, but you understood me anyways. Downloading the source files now, never thought of that. Gonna let you know how that goes, thanks! EDIT: Alright, found the script which does it, but can't compile it for some reason, after trying several different ways I found online. Guess I'll just drop it for the time being.
  3. I'm trying to use WL Boots in SE, but they're clipping through the floor. I have RaceMenu High Heels but i assume they don't really work since the mod's made for LE. Is there a way to adapt it to SE?
  4. Tried it, but all it does is change Human Cum completely to Semen Potion. I'd need to find the script or quest that creates human cum when expelling and change the form ID it uses to semen potion I think. Don't know where to find it though.
  5. I'd like to request this one, pretty please! https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjyRrsh Not sure if it requires a password
  6. I need help with making a patch again. I'm using Fill Her Up Baka Edition and in that mod, when you expel cum from your character, you get Human Cum ingredient. I'm looking for a way to change that to get Semen Potions from PSQ instead. I'm not knowledgeable enough to even know where to start with it, though. Would anyone be willing to help me out? Much appreciated!
  7. How can I replace getting the Human Cum ingredient with Player Succubus Quest's Semen Potion when expelling cum? I'd like to make such a patch for myself but can't figure out what to change in SSEEdit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: Found a workaround. Human Cum as a material to craft Semen Potions at a cooking station.
  8. That did the trick. Thank you so so much! Also was a nice tutorial into making patches myself. Should really come in handy in the future 😁
  9. Turns out it's just one hairstyle with many parts. Tried as you suggested for two different hairstyles and it just gave me two halves of a bigger whole. Do you know if PSQ is even capable of reading a hair such as this one, with so many parts, or would further tweaking be necessary?
  10. I require assistance! I want to set a hair from HG hairdos to use for my succubus form. Specifically the gargoyle hair. The issue is it's files are weirdly named, as shown in the attachment, and I have no idea where to start. If anyone could help me out, I'd be most grateful.
  11. Use TESEdit for this. We will be making a patch, not changing the mod directly. I recommend the patch because you can do the same with other mods and just store all your changes in one place. 1) Using TESEdit, open PSQ PlaterSuccubusQuest.esm along with any mod that has the sounds you want to use. 2) Wait until it is done loading ("Background Loader: Finished") 3) Click the + next to PSQ to open the mod contents. 4) Click the + next to Armor Addon 5) Right-click "PSQSuccubusBootsAA" 6) Select "Copy as override into" 7) Select "<new file>" 8) Give this a name that isn't like any other mod. 9) Click yes to confirm adding masters. 10) Go to whatever mod has the sounds you want. 11) Click the + next to Footstep Set 12) Right-click whatever the high-heel footstep set is called and "Copy as override into..." your new patch 13) Say yes to adding masters. 14) Go to the PSQSuccubusBootsAA in your new patch 15) At the bottom of the record is a section called "SNDD - Footstep Sound" 16) Left-click that entry and hit F2 to bring up a list of footstep sounds. 17) Change that record to be whatever footstep set you copied. 18) Close the program, check the box next to your new patch, and you are done. Assuming I didn't skip a step somewhere, that should do it. Can be done in CK too, but you'd have to make copies of a lot more things. Thank you SO much for that!
  12. Is there a way to add different footstep sounds to the succubus transformation? Ideally only when the boots are transformed. So when I choose high heels or pony boots (to emulate hooves) that I get the appropriate footstep sounds. Thanks in advance! Edit: For clarification, I'm not asking for someone to do it for me, but for advice on how to do it myself, if possible.
  13. That did it! Thanks a million! I should have asked here a long time ago, instead of bash my head against the issue hoping it will work
  14. Might be a body slot issue. What body slot do the ears use? They use the ears slot, not the head or circlet one. But the slot isn't in the .nif file, just the model. That shouldn't be the issue, methinks.
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