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  1. Could it be that the seduction society broke during the last few updates?
  2. This mod seems to break hiveminds in general: Assimilation doesnt seem to be compatible with the reproductional traits, as if the pops become something between a machine and organic, so the game doesn´t know how to deal with them
  3. Somehow Enatic doesnt appear for me no matter what i try, and i cant start the game with the seldarine religions through ruler designer
  4. the apostles are quite picky when it comes to friends They attack anyone related to Daedra, Undead and Thieves Guild and DB, as if they react to you having high infamy
  5. you will find a journal in one of the rooms, just search thoroughly its on a shelf next to a desk, you can hardly miss it, looks exactly like the one you had in riverside to skip days
  6. i assume that you have the mod configuration menu installed, if not, do so, youll need it then you need to load a save before you enter the nest load this save and then go to the main menu, under normal circumstances found by the Esc-Key The most top menupoint ist the mod configuration menu open this menu by clicking it a list of the loaded mods should appear search fo sexout breeder in this list, click it you should see a list of options consisting of several hard modes and debugging options there is a Deathclaw faction debug option, klick this and close the menu now you should be safe to enter the cave without the deathclaws slaughtering their breeding stock
  7. do you have the NewVegasAntiCrash plugin? This prevents forced Ctds which can be caused by some instances from the quests
  8. Unfortunately i dont understand much (make that anything) of modding, so i thought i´d throw some ideas in here which appeal in theory without directly considering them possible, so i need to think a bit As for the armor idea, and im gonna let my fantasy go wild a bit here, so i beg for forgiveness in advance If my memory serves me right, the hidden valley and thus the Headquarter of the BoS (Brotherhood of Steel) should be within or at least close enough to the borders of Deathclaw territory to make it plausible that it would be a target of investigation, but since Deathclaws are a bit too big to handle the small corridors of a Bunker the Courier and Eve decide to take the investigation upon them Depending on the way Eve has been brought up and thus your way of Conquest is set, you can either try to talk it out (however that should work... then again, who plays this mod that far to coorporate with humans?) or go there with the will to destroy any opposition With only two it should be quite hard, Power Armors, Plasma- and Laserguns/Rifles and Teslacannons, not to forget the Sentrys are nothing to joke about after all, and if its too easy, one can always place additional guards But why should it be hard? I mean, very hard? Simple, the reward is a (coincidentally female, who could´ve guessed it) scientist and engineer of the BoS with a faible for Deathclaws and all the equipment necessary to create a Power Armor which can be worn by the Courier (or regular armor at first and later on Power Armor) It would also be possible to move Dr.Krieger there and make further experiments to enhance your breeding girls or deathclaws possible (harder claws or scales, even more fertility, turning chosen females into hybrids and later into warriors who compensate for the Deathclaws uselesness at ranged combat, that kind of thing) That would at least be an idea how to explain a especially fitted armor away AND make even more fun experiments possible However its just an idea and i dont know if its possible to make it work, nor do i have an idea for the design of an possible armor simply a chestplate and helmet which classify as power armor, but only cover the non-mutated torso and head to evade compability problems with the mutation? Damn at moments like these i wished that I´d be able to do that myself Well even if this happens to be useles, it was fun to write, but perhaps some of the ideas are usable As for flying, i just wanted to know if its possible, if its too much work with too less gain, its not worth it and i agree with rituals opinion about them being only decorative, i was just interested in the first place
  9. Can you send a debug log?I didn't tested it, because I don't have a proper save for it The girls at the fire station worked fine when I tested it several versions ago. I only gave supplies once if I remember correctly. Sorry I don't think I have that save anymore. Perhaps Savaris22 could send you the save with the debug? Would that help as well? It works well now (that part at least), unfortunately i have the habit of only quicksaving and i barely used regular saves are there more experiments that can be done or is this the only one for now? Cause if there are, they arent available to me oh and isnt Eve supposed to be a Companion after the Nipton takeover? at least she said that I only have Titus available And the last thing, can Samantha turn into a full-fledged dragon like the Courier and Eve? Then again she looks awesome with the mutations and can still use Armor, i guess thats fine as well And some things that would be nice if they could be implemented somehow: If there was a Battle Armor counterpart for the Matriarchs Cloak and Mantle (thank you for those, at least some decency^^), since fighting around lvl 20 with 25 DT isnt very pleasant, even with automatic regeneration Maybe a bit harder or complicated to obtain, but at least available if there isnt something like that already And being able to fly after getting the wings
  10. Works fine for now Ill give a shout if something goes wrong again
  11. SexoutBreeder-Debug-Dump--2017-5-10--18-31-37.txt This time it had a fluid progression which it didnt have before, unfortunately the quest still doesnt continue upon getting the supplies.
  12. looks like i missed the textures folder somehow here you go, one debug file SexoutBreeder-Debug-Dump--2017-5-10--16-39-59.txt
  13. I´ve played a bit further (after finding the unofficial patch) After taking over Novac there are those three girls at the fire station Ive talked to the Doc and permitted the experiments, and a week later i was told to find some supplies but now i cant give them to the Doc or the Leader of the rebels Oh, and the Female Magnus Deathclaw is purple where she is supposed to be human and the baby deathclaws are acting like chameleons, changing their color over and over again
  14. is it possible to get more deathclaw mutations than just the horns?
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