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  1. When is the LL version of this mod going to get an update? Wicked Whims had gotten a few updates since the 11th of December last year and each one surprisingly still works with the current version of LL Wicked Whims, but I have seen some people still dealing with issues and glitches too. Even I've gotten a few LEs in the last few days, but most of them aren't related to the mod. I feel like NisaK has forgotten about their LL supporters, but I don't think that is the thing, maybe they've been dealing with family matters or real life matters and hasn't had much time to be on LoversLa
  2. So I have heard quite a lot about the Succubus beta mod, I am wondering when will this mod become available on Loverslab? Having a succubus would make The Sims 4 more interesting and seeing how other occults respond to a succubus, I know regular Sims might or might not like being around a succubus, just depends on their traits or emotions, like flirty Sims will want to get down and dirty with a Succubus Sim while Sims with the Romantic trait will have a natural attraction towards a Succubus whenever they're in a flirty mood, unflinty Sims will be uncomfortable, tense or angry, Evil Sims will d
  3. I hope that update comes soon, the S4 update kinda messed things up with the skin tones and any custom skin tones are now no longer available to use.
  4. Just do some experimenting with other Sims, I think this trait mostly works for Sims that are female and them having sex with male Sims orally, anally or vaginally normally works, granted it does take a few Sim hours for results to show up, watch the Emotions carefully after your Sim with the DoEH trait is fertilized by a male lover or partner.
  5. I am having a very similar problem, I know it's a setting in WW, selecting said setting is easy, but finding said setting is fecking impossible to find in the WW settings, finding this setting is like a damn needle in a hay stack the size of Australia, I have checked in all the available settings of WW and cannot find it for some retarded reason, this is where a photographic memory would come in handy for me. Edit: Going over this again and apparently it kept missing me or I kept missing it, if you have issues with gender specific doors, the setting is in Autonomy Awareness which i
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