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  1. I have been having random crashes and started to narrow it down. I had to uninstall all of the Devious Devices, because they were causing at least one CTD right after escaping Helgen. I removed Deviously Cursed Loot because as soon as one of their NPCs was on the screen the game would freeze. My game just started crashing after the sex scene. My last papyrus log entry was: "[01/20/2021 - 10:26:26PM] SEXLAB - ActorAlias[Aigis] - Resetting!" This looks like the end of that animation. I see plenty of errors, that appear to be because I deleted those mods. I just started a new game,
  2. I am using the "SexLab SOS Strapon v1.1" and it has been working great with the colision data from Daiemonics work. Great idea! I just want to know why it's sister, the SexLab SOS DoubleDildo v1.1 does not work for me? It can not be seen in the game. I can see it in NifSkope and the strapon too. I have set SexLab in MCM to use strapons. I know that SexLab uses the Decapitate slot 51. I've checked those in the .nif files as well as in the Armor and Armor Addon forms in SexLab.esm using SSEEdit to make sure they are the same. It looks like it should be working, but it's not. Any help
  3. In the description it says: "Follow the information in the customization tutorial, " , but that is a dead link! So how do we use it?
  4. I just wanted to view the files that were built with the batch process, but I'm unable to find them. Bodyslide goes through a long list of files, but never reports where they are. Can anyone tell me where I can find them? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks! For me it was "Staged SavageCabbage Animations (Edited XML)". I would have never figured it out without your help! Thanks again!
  6. I have been running AAF Beta 154-31304-154b for a while now. I keep waiting for an update, but nothing has happened lately. Dago' most recent verifier, AAF_GFV_v0.1.9.8.EXE, requires Vortex or Mod Organizer to run. I'm using NMM Community Version and it won't work with that. It's to bad he changed it from a regular executable. It still has the .exe file extension but windows reports it is not a valid win32 application. It really helped me for a while.
  7. I had some kind of problem with Ulfberto's AAF Patch and I uninstalled it right after it came out. I think it had something to do with Buffout 4. They said it was required, but everything worked alright without it. I think that was already after I was unable to gain access to the perks. Thanks though!
  8. I have been having this problem for several games now. I finally decided to start manual updating the perks using the console. Last game I was able to enter the perks menu and update about 3 to 10 perks at a time, if I was lucky. I would exit the perk screen and save the game. If I tried again it would crash. I discovered that I can press "T" for wait with no problems, but trying to press T to go into the Perks area it would CTD. I read that you can use the mouse instead of the keyboard so if it is the T key. it would not crash. I tried that tonight and made into the perks, but as soon as I tr
  9. I try to keep my animations updated, but I noticed today that I was seriously behind in updating yours. I was using "SavageCabbages Animation Pack FOMOD V1.1" and I tried to update to V1.2.3, V1.2.4, and V1.2.5. Each one opened the save identifying AAF as being 44% loaded and then nothing works with AAF. I read some of the posts about this and I don't know of any mods that run in sequence. It sure would be nice if you knew which mods I should be looking for. All the animations I am using originally came from "AAF_Sayas_Cheatsheet" and now I have been using "(AAF) Up-To-Date Adult oriented setu
  10. This used to work correctly for me, but something happened. Dogmeat goes through the motions, but he has no genitals. Something caused them to disappear. I haven't removed anything. I take that back. I started over because I would get errors all over the screen that wouldn't go away. I used AAF Game File Verifier, while I could, it would say corrupted files and some other errors. I updated to the latest version of AAF and I can no longer get it to work. Says something about loading with MO, I think. which I don't use. I uninstalled and reinstalled all of my AAF related files in the
  11. I started a new game and I was able to choose Nymphomaniac this time without Frigid. So I don't know what happened. Thought I'd let you know.
  12. I was able to get Frigid, just not Nymphomaniac. As soon as I choose Frigid, Nymphomaniac disappeared from the available perks list.
  13. The perk numbers for Frigid and Nymphomaniac are: xx037B5C ;SpunkPerkFrigid "Frigid" [PERK:63037B5C] xx037B5B ;SpunkPerkNympho "Nymphomaniac" I created a batch file and included this: player.addperk xx037B5B ;SpunkPerkNympho "Nymphomaniac" player.addperk xx037B5B ;SpunkPerkNympho "Nymphomaniac" player.addperk xx037B5B ;SpunkPerkNympho "Nymphomaniac" player.addperk xx037B5B ;SpunkPerkNympho "Nymphomaniac" and it added Nymphomaniac rank 4! I used NMM to get the correct Form ID for SexoutSpunk.esp. For me it was 63. So for me it was :
  14. I was not going to use the Frigid perk, because my female player is certainly not Frigid. Frigid is a requirement for Nymphomaniac. So I selected Frigid. When I did, Nymphomaniac disappeared. I went all the way to upgrading Frigid to the max which is four I believe. After totally upgrading Frigid, Nymphomaniac is still not available. Nymphomaniac is all I wanted and now it's not available. What are the perk numbers for Frigid so I can remove it until you have this fixed?
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