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  1. @MorganRiggs Hi. I've enjoyed this mod through many play throughs. It seems to me that some one had written a walk through for your quest. That's what I'm trying to find! Does any body know where that might be or do you have one? That would be great! Thanks!
  2. @LongDukDong Now that I removed those two files, LAPF is working great! Thanks for your help!
  3. Since I removed PK Extender and its patch, I have played about 3 days without an error. I have had several positioning problems with "Lovers: 15_Motion Ready" and "Lovers: 16_Motion Ready". Where would I select Motions from to try to match the positions of 15_Motions and 16_Motions?
  4. I found my problem! It was Lovers with PK Extender and its patch. After I uninstalled them, I made sure my settings were on Automatic and then played for about three hours having sex without any errors or actors being out of position. There were many new positions I had never seen and when you asked for something, you pretty much got it. There were a few less menus and it doesn't change my settings automatically. What a pleasure! I can probably get rid of both of those. I guess you need vampires looking good before you kill them. And from reading about the door fix, I guess it fixes the directional sound of a door inside a Oblivion Portal, which I've never even heard. I dual boot with Windows 7 & 10. Windows 10 is required for Horizon Zero Dawn. I just took a break from it and decided to try Oblivion again. I'm glad I did. You were talking about putting the patch after the extender and I had to go check, because I thought they were that way. It wasn't until I couldn't find them, I remembered uninstalling them. I just mentioned it above too. You should try using Lovers with PK Extender and its patch and see if you have the problems that I had. You might be able to help fix it. It certainly doesn't work for me. Thanks again for all of your help! I'll be back if I run into any problems.
  5. After I made the new load order, I didn't notice any change. I played for a couple of hours. Is there a correlation with the Motion numbers and sex positions? I am still having problems with "Lovers: 15_Motion Ready.". I was having the problem with 12 and 16 too. I copied and changed Motion 30 to Motion 12. Am I changing the sex position, by using 30 in the 12 spot? If you haven't used Lovers with PK Extender for a while, you may not be experiencing the problem with changing from automatic to jump settings. I am not sure that's whats doing it, but the patch for that is what changes it back. Maybe you should try it or I should try to remove it. Setting PlayerProgression to 0 ((Default) 0 (Automatic)) works for me. Neither of the other two do. Which is yours set at? Load Order: Mod List:
  6. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better! What about patches and fixes? I will work on it and paste a new load order when I'm done.
  7. I don't like complaining, but all of the mod pages with load orders seem to be different. Almost everyone of them have no links, some links are out-dated with no link to the correct version, the links no longer exist or take you to a multi-paged document on the wrong page. Finding the correct download has been almost impossible! Titles with Outdated on them without correct links in them, etc... And almost every mod has its own support page and from mod to mod and they sometimes give different load orders and advice. I have not been tracking any of this, but I can't be the only one finding these problems. Its been very confusing to me. I have rarely dealt with such a great problems with load order. It is Oblivion I guess. Loverslab.com has been making different directories associated to Lovers with PK such as Oblivion Adult Mods, Dialog Sex, Lovers PK Modpack-Almost Every mod..., and of course Lovers with PK. I think this is the right direction, but doesn't say which is compatible with each other. Very difficult for most of us to figure out. Checking all of the links must be quite the undertaking. All of the current mod authors with mods to be included within Lovers should update the "Lovers with PK" page including the correct updated load order with updated links to their mods. That would mean all authors would have to agree to it. The installation directions would refer back to this page for the correct load order not an example. If this would be updated by everyone every week or so, you probably wouldn't have many problems at all. I know I just want to play the game. Sorry if I stepped on any toes! All of you are exceptional at these animations and most have been a great help! I want to thank you! So where is the most current correct Load Order?
  8. I have been using this for the load order: I think I have followed the load order pretty close from this! Where should I be looking instead?
  9. OK Today I am in the newest game, with no save games from any earlier installation. Earlier today, I had the setting set to 1 (Jump Key, Automatic if being raped). I changed the duration for masturbate from 9999 seconds to 30 seconds. I found that masturbate with the original and with the new settings never ended. I also found that using the sleep sex spell was not stepping through stages and also was not ending. So I switched the setting to Automatic. (Default) 0 (Automatic). I didn't know how long I had before the setting was turned back off, so I tried the Sleep Sex again and this time it worked normally. I tried it several more times and they all worked fine. With automatic still on, I was able to have sex with three partners, each several times. I had no trouble for about an hour when Fergus had the no greeting error. I had to go back to an earlier save. I have had several other characters with the no greeting error too, just not today. It was several minutes after this when the patch switched the progessoin settings back to 1 (Jump Key, Automatic if being raped). After that I had all of the problems I complained about earlier! I also had a bad position that in the console had one line for the animation, with motions from earlier animations above: "Lovers: 16_Motion Ready." Also what is causing their bright faces? The problem for me is not being able to use the Automatic mode. Why can't I leave it on? That was what was working for me before and I don't think I even tried the other modes. The other modes are great for alignments, but not for finishing the cum stages and ending the animation. Please help me resolve this! Thanks again for your help! Load Order: Mod List:
  10. Fergus was going to be a stallion for my multiple female companions, including Vilja who it turns out is his sister. I just installed Fergus recently and he's not affiliated with Sexlivion, but all of the CM Female Companions had Sexlivion tags. This caused Sexlivion to be added as Master to each of their ESP files, which I had to remove to be able to uninstall Sexlivion. I had Sexlivion along with the females and almost everything else installed about five years ago. I just added LAPF and I really like it. Do you think restarting the game would help the No Greeting issue? Is there a script that can be stopped to end the animations as a work around? Your help is sure appreciated!
  11. @LongDukDong You were right. I removed Sexlivion and all dependencies for it, and the progression is working again. That wasn't a problem in the last game installation, so I didn't suspect it this time. For some reason it is letting me use the Automatic setting again. Everything seemed to work well, except some of animations getting strange positions. In the console it just says 12_Motion_Ready (depending on the animation numbers), but only one line. This has happened on the 12, 15 and 16 animations. I went back to the game to read the exact message, and I get a action message about LAPF Extended Patch changing the progression setting back to Manual. I tried it and if you like a stage, you can just keep watching it. Press E to advance the stage. Z changes positions, without advancing the stage, but I believe you will lose progression. Animations get furniture and the Cum stage now, but I can't figure out how to end the animations. I saved the game and reloaded it and the animation stopped. Doesn't work every time though. Why can't I use the Automatic setting? Of course, there is a new problem. On automatic. after they cum, I get a message saying: "I HAVE NO GREETING", then it appears the game freezes, but I can hit escape and get the Menu. When you load the previous save, you lose the last information in your diary. I tried this again with a different companion and I get the same result. After LAPF Extended Patch changes it back to "(Jump Key, Automatic if being raped)", I no longer get the "NO GREETING" screen. I tried changing to Automatic again. The first animation worked fine the second one had the message. Do you think I should start a new game now? Please help me with my new problems! I just want to play the game.
  12. Here is my Load Order: Mod List : If anybody needs anymore information, I'll be happy to help! Thanks again!
  13. I got my game running finally. I remembered about setting the graphics to medium or less, and after setting to medium, I was able to leave the sewers. Now I have all 200 slots filled using "ExtraAPAnimations.7z" and by manually filling three empty slots that were left. I still get the Lovers: ERROR, but all the characters in the animations line up correctly. My problem now is the animations do not progress through the stages. I can do it manually, but unable to finish manually. I believe before LAPF version 1.6a1, that I was using automatic for the progressions, which worked OK, and now, you can only use (Jump Key, Automatic if being raped) or (Jump Key, Always). The automatic now is reserved and Lovers with PK will say it will be disabled if you use it, and LAPF Extended Patch will say it corrected it for you. So if the authors expected for you to go through them manually, why didn't they provide a way to finish or to exit the animation manually? You have to use a special character, which I can't remember now, to use automatic. Any idea how to get it working right?
  14. I've got the game running. My female character just made love with Baurus. I still have no progression. I stepped through the stages, tried a bunch of animations, all except the last one were pretty good. The last one separated us by about 5 feet. I tried saving, then reloading and we were still having sex at a distance. I tried saving and loading again and I still was having sex. I finally got back to where we started. I started leaving and the game crashed. I'm still getting the error "Lovers: ERROR!! xLoversPkrGetMotionParamBySPPosind-ex not found SPos=0", but not the missing kf error. I'll have to look over everything tomorrow.
  15. Well I reinstalled. Now when I start a new game I get to the menu, pick new, watch the scene with the emperor, then camera moves into the prison and the screen stays black, I never get to even play. I didn't think things would get worse. Totally fresh install.
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