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  1. I have a problem on SE. I'm at the point where I need to talk to the jeweler but he doesn't have any dialogue choices when I talk to him. Just the normal greeting most npc's have.
  2. I'm sorry if this gets asked a lot but are there any issues that make the mod unplayable on SE? I'm thinking of trying it out.
  3. Very good idea indeed, perhaps you could PM Dogma and ask his opinion.
  4. Does anyone know where the credits music is from?
  5. You should use a spoiler tag for this.
  6. Dogma hasn't posted any bug fixes as of yet. Beta 1.0 worked fined for me with some minor issues that can probably be worked around for the purpose of the playthrough.
  7. The beta release will indeed be for 5€ Patreons until all the bugs and glitches are fixed. After that Dogma will do a public release. Also on his last post Dogma mentioned he will be polishing the mod until the last day of the month. If everything goes well I think beta release will be on the 30th.
  8. Can anyone presume what might the event for curing the gaped vagina be? Dogma mentioned it on his last post and it got me wondering what it could be.
  9. I remember the English version did cause issues. Like when the Solitude beta released I remember having to disable and enable actors in the torture scene. Same with the skunkway one. I was having issues with getting inside the Squeaky Mast. After your translation though these glitches went away.
  10. I think it's gonna be the 29th most likely since It's also a Sunday.
  11. I think we can safely assume that Dogma still has grand plans for this mod even after he finishes the main story. I think he already said he's planning to extend several locations such as the spring boy with content equal to the Solitude update.
  12. You could try to open the console, click on him then type moveto player while you're inside the basement. This should fire the script to continue.
  13. Does anyone have issues with getting achievements unlocked after the Solitude part?
  14. Hello, I'm having an issue at the healing scene. Whenever the sister needs to lie down she just kind of resets on top of the healing bed and I can't continue the sequence. Any ideas?
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