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  1. Hi Is there a list/guid of what the moduals and subroutines do? I have tried looking in "the thread for the old mod" but the link in that doesn't work anymore.
  2. HI Have managed to get Ivy to max affinity however no new quests have been activated for a while. Last one i did was Either hyper combat, or kill the customer (can't remember, its been a while). Is her progression linked to the vanilla story campaign as have skipped it to do dlc?
  3. Im using NMM community edition and the mod was unchecked in the plugin list. Once checked the Trapdoor appeared. Thank you for this advice.
  4. Have done a fresh install with just this mod and it requisites and i still can't get it to work. I do have all the DLC's and so am out of ideas. I did the suggested method of creating a folder and extracting all parts to there and then copying that to the data folder.
  5. Hi am having trouble finding the trapdoor in the South Boston Military checkpoint. Also I can't tell if everything installed correctly so is there a way for me to tell? Having read the above comment about the correct install do we have to have a separate Droids folding in the fallout data folder or is it installed normally so they are alongside the rest of the the mods?
  6. Hi, am having a bit of trouble unlocking the Slave Chastity belt. I have 5 Chastity keys 5 High security Restrains keys and 5 Slaver Chastity belt keys but i am unable to unlock the belt, Does anyone know what the name of the key i need is?
  7. Hi Just upgrades to 8.4 and now the character model T poses. FNIS had this warning - >>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_Deviously Cursed Loot_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<<. I have the latest ZAP, DD and body (CBBE, XPMSSE, Race menu, etc).
  8. I uninstalled the 3 DT mods and its textures and then ran Fallrimtools to remove unattached instances Attempted to use Netlmmerse Override cleaner but got " The Netlmmerser override section was not found in the provided save file" when used on the new save generated by Fallrim. Yes I tried deactivating the mod in MCM first before using NMM Did try both deactivating and uninstalling (from all profiles) from NMM Still getting same results As tried deactivating the "ruined vagina / ruined Anus" in DT Mayhem but it had no visbale effect.
  9. Hi I have run into an issue where i am unable to get rid of the massive lips from being max level with the vaginal plugs. I have reset my character and uninstalled the mod via the MCM but they still remain and they do clip through armour. I have tried to uninstall the mod though NMM but it makes the save file crash when ever i interact with anything or Quicksave. Also note i have the DT: anal training and DT; Vaginal training de buff and buff under my active effects with the mod deactivated. Any advise on how either unistall the mod compleatly or remove it.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion however i found a way to use console commands to pay the bounty off so was able to continue.
  11. So im forced to go to prison regardless of my ability to get away. And the prison is most likely going to be the cursed loot one which takes forever to get through. Just stating the things not trying to be mad.
  12. Have run into a potentially game breaking event where i am doing the dark brotherhood quest line and had to kill the person at their wedding. After doing this the Guards stopped me and my only options was to surrender or fight.I fought and got away but when ever i try and fast travel or wait I get a message - "You can not fast travel/Wait while guards are perusing you."
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