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  1. What! Thats good news! I played this mod a long time ago, but I got a new PC and unfortunaly the only version of Skyrim avaible on steam here is the SE, glad to hear that theres a SE version of it. Thanks!!
  2. Hello everyone, I think its kind of obvious but still dosent hurt to ask...is this mod compatible with Skyrim SE?
  3. Oh, never thought about looking for him on the tavern...thanks! But still, a Stormcloak game bypass the whole side quest about the archer that is shooting down the imperials patrols right?
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to play the mod(loving so far) all by myself without looking at guides and stuff here, but I guess I reached a point that I am about to lose my mind lol is just some details, hopefully someone can help me out...
  5. I searched pretty much everywhere on the tavern in search of something, but didnt noticed a new npc other then the bards and people dancing around. Must havent payed as much attention as thought I had or is a bug with my game lol, anyway, thanks!
  6. I just started playing Skyrim again, and I am loving this mod so far, thanks for sharing with us! I really liked how there are several options on how to handle every situation...just one question, is actually possible to do a 100% ahhh "pure" run? Asking cause
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