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  1. Lol, glad I could help. I didn't know you were waiting for it or I would have brought it up earlier. I get a LOT of them! Oh, and btw it's not obvious that it's from NWP. I suspected, so I confirmed by busting open your ts4script and grepping for it.
  2. Your succubus should have started off with all of your pre-succubus outfits copied into the new unrestrained form. Otherwise, no, you'll just have to set up the unrestrained outfits to match your restrained outfits... or all naked if you prefer. Like any other occult with 2 forms (vampire, alien), your restrained and unrestrained outfits are completely separate and have to be managed manually. If you mean match what she is wearing when she switches, also no... except that the outfit slot will be the same. So if you start in, for example, cold weather outfit #2 in restrained and then switch to
  3. Horns, hooves, etc. are all extra CC - Nisa doesn't include any of them in NWP. You should find a few sample links if you look backwards through this topic. Your first everyday outfit in reforge is your succubus' "naked" outfit. This is where you define body details that you want to see no matter what actual outfit your succubus is wearing - for instance, hooves in the shoes category, or horns in hats. It's done this way so that Wicked Whims won't accidentally "undress" body parts. During live mode, this first outfit will be hidden, so the second everyday outfit will be the first o
  4. Ah, gotcha. That does pose limitations. I didn't realize you were using Turbo's system for that. (Yep, I've seen it under the covers, it just doesn't have such a dramatic effect in vanilla WW.) The bald succubus problem is still happening for me. It only occurs on load and persists until she changes outfits. A number of times I've checked, she's had a special/situation outfit on, but I can't say that's always true. It's just a cosmetic issue, just letting you know it is still present. I have a new one too... several times I've had a sim - mine or townie - start filling
  5. All true, though of course we don't want the sex to dominate to the point of excluding all other game play. In my experience so far, purely anecdotal and by no means conclusive, desire gain seems very inconsistent. At times I can see her desire growing by the second, and at other times it seems on par with other needs. I don't really notice any major difference in moods or situations since this particular household (ok, most of my households) stays pretty flirty and sexed-up. My personal opinion - and you know what they say about those - is that the max gain rate is a bit too punishing. Cappin
  6. Aaaand one other weird, minor, succubus issue. I recently removed the hair from my succubus' GOO so that I could customize her hairstyle in outfits. Now if she's in unrestrained form when I launch the game, she spawns in bald, no matter what outfit she has equipped. (Come to think of it, I believe she usually spawns in naked as well, though that's not remarkable in my game!) Changing outfits fixes it immediately. Again, this is another minor glitch that doesn't affect anything functionally, but it might be worth looking into eventually. I'm running 2.2.4d.
  7. I'm having a new issue with succubus desire. I think my previous issue with the out-of-control desire gain was due to using StormyWarrior8's seductive trait (updated by me) on my succubus - it made her constantly super-flirty which seems to boost desire gain. Anyway, now I'm off-lot with a different household sim, and yet my succubus is gaining desire and just about to max out. That's just not fair - she's not even on the active lot to deal with. I can switch back to her, yes, but that will interrupt the situation with my active sim. I have been watching this intentionally, and usu
  8. Lol this is fine. I actually didn't have gallery support originally planned for succubi and given that the sim data exits on a server, I wasn't planning on adding support at all. Modifying that's stored on a server starts to move from the modding territory to a darker territory and I wasn't interested in going that direction. However, when releasing my true occult form system another patron tested it and it happened to work minus that weird gallery visual bug. To fix it, i'd probably need to edit UI code, but it's harmless and UI code is very difficult to modify so I'm content with h
  9. Well, learn something new every day. I have somehow avoided learning about tab mode until now. Thanks again!
  10. So... kind of a dumb follow-on question... Do you use an extra sim to take the photos? I have only ever used the photo studio with a photographer sim.
  11. Brilliant! That's great synergy with the skills and other live-mode-only edits. Thanks!
  12. @mrrakkonn Hopefully quick question... how do you gather shots for your lookbooks? Screen caps of CAS with pose packs?
  13. Hi @NisaK, it seems there's a teensy issue when exporting succubi to the library. There's nothing functionally broken, the individual sims just don't render quite right - what gets rendered is a weird amalgam of their restrained and unrestrained forms. (This is from 2.2.4d.)
  14. There are settings, but they're limited. You can choose somewhat how her forms behave during sleep and sex. Left click your Sim > Succubus... > Preferences... > Transformation. Other than sleep or sex, she'll stay in the form you chose unless her Depravity depletes, then she'll revert to unrestrained. Other sims don't react to her form (yet) so there's no downside in staying unrestrained (yet).
  15. Well damn. It sounds like you're doing everything correctly. I'm fresh out of ideas, sorry. Hopefully Nisa jumps in with some advice.
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