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  1. sorry- i did forget to mention that the corruption "thoughts" would be based off of decisions, mb mb tho, to get more into that: what do you mean by linking the players slavery status? really? I think the mod is SexLab dialogue's that adds text popups to creatures, but I've never seen one for falmer. Is that just a mistake on my end? Or is it genuinely just really easy to do, like you just setup dialogue with a falmer in the CK, and in-game it'll just work no worries? Ah, I'll keep that in mind then! I'm still not sure if I'd like the idea as a whole but trying it out com
  2. both basically, looking for a way to implement having conversations with falmer. For example: the PC wakes up in a cell, a falmer comes up to them, and he initiates a conversation with the PC. Agree with this completely and it's something I've already taken note of Yeah I've been thinking of stuff along these lines a lot already, I was thinking of making a simple corruption system where over the course of the whole experience, messages come up at the top left corner (so usually where notifications are) acting as the PC's "thoughts" so at the start it's very like "ew
  3. Oh, my load order isn't the problem. I'm trying to brainstorm ways to add better/cleaner/efficient interaction with falmer in a mod. SD gives some neat chores like needing to get food for them and such but that doesn't feel realistic to me, or atleast not implemented in a preferable way.
  4. Been brainstorming some idea's for a mod I might want to have a crack at making, it mostly involves being enslaved by Falmer and used as a brood maiden for their chaurus and tons of other thingies. I've tried out a few mods involving falmer and chaurus and it could be me remembering wrong but I've never seen proper, immersive interaction between the masters; Falmer, and the Player/NPC's; slaves. I recently played through TITD and saw they used "Pure Falmer" (Humans wearing Falmer armor) to achieve this, but surely that isn't the only way, right? My problem with this mainly is
  5. Oh wow, I didn't even notice I somehow ended up on the SE side of loverslab, my bad!
  6. Went into game with it and whenever the new animations should have been playing, I was met with T-Poses. I did generate FNIS beforehand, and you said the load order doesn't matter. Did I miss something?
  7. Request https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-808.html pass: j9zu https://pan.baidu.com/s/1dFrJhDn
  8. Ah, that's right... I had seen those when first downloading but because I didn't actually know of the Transforming until I got in-game and tested it out, I never made the connection. Thanks, I'll try to get it all working now! Just another quick follow up question, earlier I was having trouble finding succubus-like horns to go with this, what mod would you recommend?
  9. I'm not understanding how to make Transforming with Wings, Armor, Tail, etc work. I believe we need to put them in our load order themselves? But I'm not sure what to do from there to actually make PSQ use them in the transformation.
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