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  1. Okay so I got the vanilla armors working. I reinstalled a couple mods and changed a few settings to troubleshoot and I figured out that the setting I needed to change was in the 3BBB installation. Apparently I have to check "Modify existing CBBE Morph" instead of "New Adding 3BBB Morph" I appreciate the help Badger!
  2. I should note that the Bijin NPCs, Wives, and Warmaidens esp files are the only ones not enabled.
  3. I followed your video and I'm still getting flat breasts when wearing clothes Edit: Could this be a load order thing/interference from another mod?
  4. Oh... I uh, wasn't aware that I had to do that. Is there anything I should know going in? I'm not very proficient with bodyslide
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you referring to the CBBE versions of the vanilla clothes?
  6. I'm having issues getting my CBBE 3BBB body working with clothing physics I'm using the following mods: CBBE 3BBB CBBE CBPC FNIS HDT-SMP XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended Physics work fine without clothes on, but with clothes the breasts are flattened. Anyone have suggestions?
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