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  1. I have FHU Baka edition and this mod installed. A horse is supposed to give 0.7 of inflation, but it only gives 0.07 worth of inflation. I noticed the same with Fertility mod where it's also off a decimal.
  2. So after a days worth of finding out why i'd crash in certain areas I found out that the wispNude.nif file was causing me to crash when I went near helgen. I had recently installed the always erect MNC only mod and when deactivated would also stop the crash, so I from there narrowed which of the meshes would cause the crash and after testing all the hentai creatures (just using hentai creatures for the test) I noticed summoning Wispmother caused a crash. After going thru all the different mesh files I found that removing wispNude.nif not only stopped crashes with s
  3. Everything working wonderfully, and as far as iv'e seen there has been no issues with my current hdt-smp setup (of course you never know what issues can crop up later in a playthrough). The physics absolutely work on Dreadwraith, And my bodyslide that I had since nov 2017 was def the issue lol. Thank you for the great armor set
  4. So far the only issue I have is the bodyslide crash and the Dreadwraith issue with the butt and cape physics, the other smp items that iv'e tried work just fine. The Bazinga is the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP and the coco hdt-smp files are as ive seen from the creation date the same files as the ones you've suggested, the hdt-smp pe 730. I suppose it could be possible that I need to update bodyslide, just thought it was unusual that only the Dreadwraith body was not processing in bodyslide, even trying to view it in bodyslide crashes it. I will update bodyslide and redownload th
  5. Just to let you know, Dreadwraith body causes a crash in Bodyslide. The boots and gauntlets work just fine for the Dreadwraith however. Once I tried it in game Oddly Dreadwraith armor fit my body, but there were no physics on the cape and butt area, but work fine in the breasts and belly area. I use Bazinga physics with COCO hdt-smp overwritten if that helps. Other than the minor breast butt and breast jitters some of the other smp armor worked just fine (havent tried all the armor yet though).
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