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  1. When sexlab animation start push 0 and an animations list appear so you can change it..work very well for me... If you have Defeat you don't need Sl tools ( sorry my english..)
  2. Hi... I have a question... Why when you defeat a enemy there isn't an option to go through their inverntory..?? Is it how you planned or I missing someting..?? In Yamete old or latest v4 I've never been able to do that... ( sorry my english,..).
  3. Hi Nymra just a quick question... i was wondering if it's possible make work Public Rape & Punishment feature even for the npc..??!!
  4. Ok now it seems working....I think in some way paradise halls was interfering..I didn't change anything but a clean save switching way phae and it start working..( damnit..in the midle of the fight a whiterun guard decided to punish me whipping... and that got myself defeated,,,😆...)
  5. HI..About Naked Defeat 3-0 full (SE) whit latest Naked Defeat 3.2 BETA 3 (PATCH!) The defeat say All is lost I'm in bleedout an then the fight restart.. The Public Rape & Punishment feature even at 300 doen't work there is the exposure notification but nothing else...
  6. I am sorry.....but I'm cofused too....even more for my english isn't so good....😬😁....!!
  7. Hi... Naked Defeat (LE+SE) 3.2 BETA 2 is working very well and Public Rape & Punishment is great to have..but if I can ask...I whish there was more options.. you cannot walk in town whitout be raped too many time 😁..!! ( sorry my bad english ) and thank you for your job...!!
  8. Good I put this and npc-npc is working,,,,👍
  9. No it is a new start..!!! Ahahaaa... I didn't know...😬 ok
  10. HIi..!! Sorry my english... First thank you for the good job... Second....I used yamete 3 for a while everything worked very well but for the player I died everytime no matter what I tried..so for the player I use Naked defeat and togethe worked very good... Now i swiched to yamete 4 I have got the mcm all page everything.....but nothing happen ...everybody die...i tried to change something...but nada...not from npc-npc not fro Reapers Mercy....just for let you know...
  11. I forgot the hotkeys... 😖...but anyway until now everythings worked well whit normal enemy...weird..🙄..I'm going to test deeper..
  12. @Flashy (JoeR) Hi.. your mod work very good except until I met a legendary enemy... after my surrender..we have been still until I have reloaded a previus save game.. I tried many times everything work out fine but legendary enemy..
  13. Sorry for my english in advance.... Indeed I like that... you cannot talk to surrendet enemy until everybody is down..and if an new enemy come in they restart to fight..much real.. what I didn't like is the talk too slow...
  14. Update... on new play it seems to work well.. just the talk is a little bit slow..
  15. Ok enemy surrender doesn't work very well for me..someone just die some stucks a moment and even restart to fight..someone stand still but doesn't act like surrender and there is no talk...no options...
  16. Sound very good..!! Ok man put that in download and Im going to test it..!!!! 😁
  17. Sorry and thank you...."the enemy surrender not work" wasn't related at your mod because it did't work even whit AAAF Violate mod.. It was just my rumbling... And yes my english isn't very good at all.. 😉
  18. Good.. now the auto surrender work well !! But still the enemy surrender not work ...🤬
  19. Hi... I cannot set on auto player surrender , everytime I close mcm setting it reverse in off.. (sorry my english..) and im going to die..☠️..if no press the key. Every else work very well except enemy surrender but that does not worked even whit Violate (and still i don't understand way)...
  20. Hi..could you do it even for flaccid leito body..?? thank you anyway..for yor really good job...
  21. Hi and thanks for your good work .. it is possible to add a sexual punishment..?? it would be really cool...and perfect for a sexlab mod ... Thank you very much...
  22. Hello..!! I didn't underdstand very well which is the good one ... DeviousSurrender-LITE-0.5.zip or DeviousSurrender v0.5.zip ??? Thank you...
  23. @Goubo...Hi...I'd like to make a request if I can... it would be very nice if you can insert the possibility that at the end of a sexlab defeat scene start the http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3805-sexlab-kidnapped/..... instead to be left for dead... Thank you anyway for your job....
  24. Hi...thank you for your mod...but if I can.....I would like that you can insert the possibility that at the end of a sexlab defeat scene start the kidnapped. ( sorry for google translator..)
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