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  1. Dude there is a way to appear male/female sexlab animation when I change my female gender to male. When I ask for female oral job or try a solo they only start a FF animation.
  2. "scent of sex" I feeling is too hard to configure, but maybe I'll try another shot. Submissive Lola/sexlab survival doesn't work as I wanted. sexlab adventures I use and it's a great mod, but my follower only rape if my char goes rape first. I'm testing petcollar right now, but the event fail to start most of the time and I feel is too much stress for my CPU. But if "petCollar" doesn't still in progress and fail too much is supposed to be exactly what I need. Random gangbang my slave when they have an equipped collar. Ah and thx for the answer, best regards!
  3. Hello guys, I'm looking for a mod to make my slave used by random NPCs. I combined the "puppet" and "Defeat" mods to make my unique rivals my slave, put some DD in and made him follow to bite when I need it with the "best vampire" mod. It's a funny scenario, but I'm looking for a mod to make the NPC rape my slave or even better pay me for funny moments with him, man it will be super fun. I'm testing some mods and haven't found one and one can help me, I'm trying, but I don't have enough skill to make mine.
  4. my Ohmenraht Female sheathing schlong disapeard when I go sex animation and back after animation finish (sexlab animation / pee and fart). I use 3bbb body, thare is a way to equip scholong without vagine ?
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