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  1. you can use the new 3ba body if the instructions in the description are followed, just open up mod file, go to the char meshes, and drag and drop the already built in bodyslide body. You do have to build it before dropping it in tho.
  2. Good work, its a bit better than the TERA Elin 2 in some ways for the anime asthetic, but one issue is that when in a animation with altered expressions, the blinking of the eyes can tend to overlap in a strange manner, even when the eyes are supposed to be closed.
  3. I wasn't able to get the mod to work. Trying to transition from Animal SOS to this mod(because it looks a lot better) and looking for tips.
  4. Wow your fast. What I meant was the chain in the front of the cloak behaves strangely under SMP physics(running c cup super softness) and the chain stretches oddly. Looks fine with CBPC on tho.
  5. I think I found the issue, there seems to bee unweighted vertices on the left wrist. Real shame.
  6. Most things on this armor are pretty good, but the cloak doesn't behave the best with SMP on for 3ba. Now, for some reason my preset clips with the left wrist quite significantly. I usually use 0 weight and 100 ankles+hands. I haven't tested the armor for 100 weight yet but I'll see if it could be this clipping that is the issue. Is there just a limited number of vertexes near the wrist?
  7. Thanks for posting 1.13 back on here Acro! Hope you can get to making a SMP heavy preset for incompetent people like me who have no idea how to use SMP for schlongs!
  8. @Acro748 Could you keep the legacy 3BA up here, ideally 1.13? I have not been able to get my game to run stable with any part of the new version. It may be a case of some files got overwritten/deleted on accident through the use of vortex and bodyslide(as 80% of the outfits I use randomly pop up on the list and cause a break) but I am currently busy with other things in life as such to not be able to pour much time into games in general. I probably just have to update and reinstall a shitload of mods to get things to work properly again, however I am not thrilled that I'll have to rebuild the
  9. Alright so I yoloed it. It seems to work but I get an instant CTD after I disable the strip patch. I was using it with the horse cock. With the strip patch installed(against your wishes) it appeared to work.
  10. you think I could yolo it if I don't know how to check the BBPs.xml or nifscope? I'm fully willing to fuck any save.
  11. So does that work with just any schlong and what are the requirements?
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