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  1. Only someone with a DSP avatar would have that stupid opinion. (likely just trolling though)
  2. Sludge metal always hits the spot for me.
  3. I used to watch Thunderf00t and Drunken Peasants/TheAmazingAtheist. I always enjoyed their takes on modern feminism, though I think it was more ridicule than informative. I just try not to pay attention to any of that shit or identity politics anymore.
  4. Isn't Brave based on Chromium, a google product? I guess it's open source at least, but ehh... Why not just use Firefox with ublock and/or noscript? Assuming you're not using Brave for BATs of course. I've been using this shit forever and still no complaints.
  5. @saltshade lol I imagine when that bass-baritone voice dropped you were like, "wait a minute..." Oh I love Theatre of Tragedy's first three albums, especially Aegis. They went more electronic after that and dropped the old English or whatever style lyrics they were known for back then and I couldn't enjoy it. My favorite gothic metal band is actually My Dying Bride, but my favorite gothic metal album is Darkwell - Suspiria. Unfortunately it's the only good album they released as she left the band or was kicked out.
  6. Another one of my favorite gothic rock bands is The 69 Eyes
  7. I've had issues installing Windows before, similar to what you describe. I just ended up unplugging all hard drives except the one I wanted to install Windows. No clue. Yeah I'll need a new mobo to use an SSD. I plan to build a new PC sometime this year, but damn those inflated prices. Is there even such a thing as budget builds anymore? I used to scoff at SSDs too, but I'm starting to find games that have ridiculous long load times, and also everything is just more snappy with an SSD. They may be essential at this point.
  8. I know you said the drive was set to first boot priority, but did you try your motherboard's boot menu to directly choose which device to boot from? I have to do this every time I boot, but in my case I just never bother to check/change the boot sequence. If not boot sequence then I have no clue what else could have been the problem. Glad you're up and running again though. One of these days I have to invest in an SSD but they're just so expensive still compared to how much storage you get from an HDD. 14TB is a fucking monster, but I would hate to have it die on me one day.
  9. @saltshade I like most of what I've heard of them, but honestly I haven't explored their music too much. It might very well be that retro goth sound I liked about Violet. That music video you posted just reminded me of them. Great song.
  10. @saltshade Man I used to love The Birthday Massacre. I was kind of obsessed with their album Violet.
  11. When it does break it bothers you for weeks until you've finally had enough. Turns out it was the USB port. I used a different one and it works fine. Well now I'm all up to date and the flash drive is working. 😎
  12. I'll give it a shot. I've actually had updates disabled since I installed this OS.
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