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  1. For another game, possibly. CK3, tho, probably impossible. Paradox doesn't patch crusader kings unless they've got major issues to correct or change. Their checksum for Ironman/achievement eligibility is on a hair trigger as well, so anyone brave enough to invest their skills and a huge amount of time into modding for CK3 will have to study the patch notes in detail and compare the coding changes before/after as to how their mod interacts with the game to make sure it's even gonna work or not be redundant in some/every way.
  2. Basic preface - my only experience with this mod is from CKII. Haven't tried it in CKIII. A friend was putting together an overhaul that would continue further into modern/contemporary times than others had, and (hopefully) add a much more diverse experience where relationships and sexual appeal were concerned, given how clunky and secondary the stock "attraction + fertility = heirs" dynamic felt, so it crossed my radar as I helped out testing and troubleshooting candidates for inclusion. Maybe it's been improved on since, but from what I see I'm guessing just a direct port. Overal
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