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  1. Hey whoever's reading. I've recently taken interest in creating stuff for Sims 4 and have been working hard the past week and a half on a few things. Ive watched a few tutorials on importing etc, but some questions remain in regards to Textures and CC mesh bodyparts. To be specific, I have been working on Breast Pumps, and Milking stuff, but its been one headache after another learning exactly how to create things for Sims 4. I've already learned I cant use the latest Blender since Sims 4 Studio only accepts .blend files from 2.7-2.78 if I recall [Im using 2.76]. Fortunately I was able to transfer the first set of Pumps from Blender 2.9 to Blender 2.76 since I created the texture map. Currently my issue is getting the texture to align perfectly since Sims 4 has a template for CAS items as well as making it so they rest perfectly on breast. I'm fairly new to this, but I feel if I can get over this final hump of textures and positioning I can build off what I learned for the other kinky items and devices Im working on or wanting to make. Below in the spoilers is some pictures of the progress I've made so far. They're listed in top to bottom in their respective priorities. Note: I know these pictures are all taken in 2.9 but I am already using 2.76 for editting/creation. Other than the V2 Breast Pumps, I'm just leaving the rest stored here until I get to them. Current Project: V2 Portable Suction Milkers V1 Suction Milkers Penis Pump Milking Rack and Storage Tank FINAL NOTE: As I stated before I am very new to doing this stuff, but I love creating mesh, and I want to be able to contribute. I ultimately have no control of how people will use what i create once I get enough skill to upload them with their intended finish but Im hoping in time I too will learn how to get into things such as creating Sex animations etc for this stuff so I can become a bit more self sufficient. So if you have any skill with getting mesh in game as along with being compatible with other mesh body parts from WW Id appreciate any help I can get
  2. @ColonolNutty Hey bud not sure what you did but you've done an amazing job. Sims are doing correct animations, choosing cool new places i would of never used, not heading to the other side of the neighborhood, and so far I haven't noticed anybody assaulting that shouldn't be able to. Awesome job! One thing I have noticed that I need to bring up is for some reason whenever I'm in an animation sometimes the roles get reversed and the option to "Swap Position" seems to always be greyed out.
  3. So one thing I've always thought about in regards to the sims is how other sims react to sex. I know there's the base cheering and angered reactions but what im talking about mod wise is something such as, Let's say an adult sim decides to do it with a teen sim. In reality the adult sim would get in all kinds of trouble. Or if two teens got caught they'd both be scolded. Another would be if someone is caught in public they'd be asked to stop, possibly kicked out, and would lose a bit of reputation. What are your guys' thoughts if this was a mod to expand upon the reactions in these ways?
  4. Itll say X has successfully assaulted X or if they failed to assault.
  5. Ive been having some issues where if I have assault disabled, Sims still assault eachother [Even when I have "Sim is not able to assault/be assaulted" toggled in the debug menu] . I also have been having autonomous DD sex while Kinky settings are disabled. Is regular sex part of the mod or did I should I uninstall - Reinstall? Also quick Question. Is anyone else getting animations for furniture in random places? Ive been getting alot of bed and chair animations while being taken to a floor position. Sometimes even being taken to the other side of the neighborhood. [Instance of possible furniture sex on the floor] V~V~V~V
  6. Maybe i should get off my ass and actually save this town. Apparently these plants are something serious lmao
  7. Yes its the 2.3 Release. Script is last modified Oct 1st, package is last modified October 6th. EDIT: @procian I might have fixed it lol! After checking to make sure other mods were up to date and didnt have duplicates I found my Immersive vampires mod and another though they were updated had an old Script file in a folder still. After getting rid of the old script file that was no longer needed the error stopped. Hopefully it stays fixed. if it rears its head I'll be sure to post. Thanks for the help! ❤️
  8. No luck. removed all Roburky mods and cleared cache and still recieved an error. heres the log stuffs. mc_cmd_center.log mc_lastexception.html last_exception.html
  9. Thanks and Its a tuning issue I think but I dont understand whats really going on hehe. mc_cmd_center.log mc_lastexception.html last_exception.html
  10. I do have the mod if I recall which is nice. Its just hard making sims truly treat eachother like enemies. Like beyond this build I feel if your enemies with a sim, the NPC sim should show up at night to kick your trash can over. Or set off fireworks lmao
  11. Help: im having an issue where I'm getting MCCC exceptions whenever I open whicked whims settings, when I load the game, and also I believe when sims enter the area im currently in. Ive reinstalled and reset ww and mccc. Im not sure what else to do
  12. Ahh yes there is an option for that. I also just got NPCC, thanks for that suggestion :D. Also I may have to cancel Extreme Violence from this build. I like that it has violence options but I really dislike that most don't have context and if set to autonomous there isn't an option for violence to be used as an interaction to disliked/despised sims
  13. It works the only problem as of right now I find is maintaining the camera to something comfortable for VR standards [its playable with what i have done so far but it could be better imo] and more efficient movement, which would come down to Vorpx releasing hand tracking so you technically can use your left and right hand as a mouse. other than that its very possible as ive done it for a few days
  14. @ihavecometothis It's here, figured Id come back and share it with you Here you go!
  15. Have you tried the Simder app mod from LMS? If I recall it does have some level of getting called for booty calls but i might be wrong.
  16. Im heavily intrigued. please elaborate on this selling process. i want to know more and how to set this up >:3
  17. Im using it and ive noticed an improvement. Running 886 files [Mods/CC] with a few of them being big merges and I have 50-85fps depending on whats happening. Every once in a while I'll get some lag, or some strange glitch but I also stacked Simulation Lag Fix from Srsly and have noticed an improvement with that as well. Both of those are compatible if your curious and worst case just be sure to have a save before you try the two out. If you like how it feels go on ahead and have fun
  18. I'm not sure how best to word this, but I'm attempting a playthrough where Males by default are at odds with one another. Basically the premise of this play through is men fight eachother constantly and dont like one another and attempt to acquire other males spouses/gfs etc. [The only trait I dont have would be one to make Males dislike other males enough to instantly become angry/enraged] The good news is I have 99% the traits I need in game already to make this play through happen, but I also need help finding out if there's a way to apply traits by default to all NPCs. For example something like apply trait X to all males. I know you can use MCCC to apply traits with MC Cas but is there a way to apply 1 trait across all npcs or male npcs at once? My intention for those who are curious is - - make all males do autonomous non deadly interactions from Extreme Violence [i believe there might be a hidden trait for this] -give all males the Rapist trait -give all males the Homewrecker Trait Purpose: In order to to not make everyone upset and sad the player must effectively ruin other males relationships so if they were to be disposed of, others will be happy during witnessing death. The player must protect their mates from other males while they continue to spread their bloodline [having incest enabled may complicate things though since it pretty much makes the player rivaled to their own offspring but meh] If anyone could help I'd appreciate immensely. Thanks everyone in advance 😁
  19. Ahhh forgot about the github page lol. In regards to the spawn pad idea I've been doing this workaround using the Control any Sim Mod. It doesn't effect spawning but I've been able to do some neat things mixing it with sim snatcher such as I can designate beds for any slave, and I can make slave's cell door locked for everyone except the slave and my sim if I wanted. Between sims snatcher and control any sim most interactions I had no access to im able to do or experiment with. Reason I bring it up is because since the slaves can claim beds and itll hold through whether i leave the lot or not, maybe see if slaves can spawn on a bed that they have claimed? I imagine if that can work maybe it'd save you a bit of a headache getting and scripting an object as well as making it CC, itd leave making it so the slaves owner can assign the slave a bed and perhaps an option for does the slave do default spawn or claimed bed Spawn. Just an idea anyway. As for the allowances, I wouldn't worry about that too much bro. The difference is Night and Day. None of them cook except for the one I have set to cook and even then, that slave doesn't cook unless they're hungry. I also stopped the infernal dancing all the time with the allowances option and thats holding up well as well. If they were to do any of these autonomous interactions at this point I dont think it'd be worth losing sleep over since the player can just tell the slave to cancel the interaction under the slave menu.
  20. Bro.... So I just want to say you have outdone yourself lol. I had to do some tinkering to get it to work at first. At first the slaves were registered as being off the lot, but I used the debug menu in order to clear their slave and abductee data before using the force Slave & Abduct option. After doing so I went to the Sim Snatcher options and saw what you were talking about [Configure Allowances] and having the slaves/abductees not cook is amazing but being able to get into all the nitty gritty autonomy details of things like "Yea slave..No cake for you" or No dancing etc. this is I feel is a huge step for the mod as a whole. Many times in the past i found having the slaves and abductees was kinda nice but with the sims general autonomy they kinda just meandered around playing piano or doing whatever [Especially with those of us that have Eco living and have to stop sims from playing with 103 pieces of clay in their inventory or the Piano all day long which I swear is a higher priority than sleep to them haha}. With this it basically makes it so you can get into the specific functions of how you want every abductee to function. Phenomenal job bro. Thanks so much for hearing me out in regards to the cooking issue and everything. 😁 Also, I remembered way back you used to have a planned features list on the page here like you do for DD. Alot of those were really neat ideas. Are any of those things you were still looking to do or is SS more of in a functionality and efficiency of said functionalities state? One I remember you having was an option for sims to attempt escape and so on. I was even thinking to ask you, what are your thoughts in regards to setting where the abducted spawn when you enter your home lot? [If you wanted to have your abductees in a cell or basement/attic] or perhaps being able to sell them to other sims where the Price is based off of age and skills? Perhaps even an Slave Auction Social Event? [The idea of a Sim behind the Debate Podium doing a pitch to sell another sim actually sounds quite hilarious now that i think about it lol] What are your thoughts?
  21. I figured something like that would of been the case as to why some modders have multiple package files and some only have 1. But I agree from the storytelling aspect having a trait like that in the mix is def a great idea. even the UwU one lmao. I can also tell the mod is working amazingly, because i got frustrated yesterday from the fact Im always trying to make romance more realistic in the game, then after installing this and having 2 sims find eachother unattractive that I was trying to hook up I was like "Wait a minute...They dont like eachother... They find eachother unattractive... Its working!!" hahaha
  22. Really liking it so far, Also I really love that theres a homewrecker trait. I was literally making a post the other day asking if there is one or if anyone was working on one lol. Everything is running seemingly fine for me, but I was wondering, is there any chance we can get a merged package in the future, or does it have to remain separate for functionality? [I've heard some creators require their packages seperate for functionality, and im not sure how the coding goes in those regards ]
  23. Ok I'm going to give it a run. and as always thanks for everything you do bud. I'll let you know how it goes EDIT: @ColonolNutty Ok so I tried it out. Ive noticed the cancel current task but dont see anything in regards toggling cooking unless you mean its now falls under Childcare like you were saying the one time? Or is it an option that is supposed to appear under tasks?
  24. Tested and yes they do cook less, but now having multiple slaves means now they all cook 3 or so dishes within a 1 hour period. They aren't cooking back to back thankfully but they are in the sense that when one finishes [or doesn't finish] another might decide at that same time its a good time to cook and start opening the fridge looking for ingredients. Im think perhaps a hard cooking toggle might be a good option if others are facing the same thing that is. At least in those regards the player can control how much food is being created by the abductees. Ie maybe they want a dedicated cooking slave or maybe the player wants to cook and the slaves can focus on cleaning etc 🙂
  25. So just for clarification , this can work along side Whicked Whims attraction system, or is this something I'll want to have override it?
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