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  1. Skyrim SE. SlaveTats does not see these tattoos in the menu, as well as the Tramp tattoo pack. Why?
  2. Thank you. I had a version with three menus on LE and I was already starting to worry that the mod was crooked. I'll try to figure it out with the translator.
  3. Hello. In the MCM menu, I see only one Devious Devices mod - Assets. And I don't see the menu for the Devious Devices - Integration and Expansion mods. It is not right? In older versions, three menus were registered. And how can you do Russian localization? Thanks.
  4. Hello. There is Russian localization, if not, there may be instructions on how to do it. thanks
  5. Скажите, здесь есть русская локализация?
  6. То есть , мне нужно просто установить дополнительно пенис от Bylly?
  7. Hello. Installed MNC and container from here by link. I have Billyy's SLAL. They are in Sexlab and are played from npc in the game. But CF itself does not register Billyy, there are only mnc animations In the early LE, everything was logged.
  8. Возможно для SE есть более стабильная ранняя версия? У меня этот мод стоит на LE, только более рання версия. Все отлично работает.
  9. I have Russian localization. No dialogue lines. How can I fix this?
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