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  1. Seems like all the chaurus and falmer are all non-hostile after installing. It's 100% possible this is my load order, but just checking to see if anyone else is having this issue? Edit: This appears to be an odd break with Defeat where specifically one of the chaurus factions was marked as non-hostile due to the defeat calm spell. I don't think it happened due to CL, but it did only happen when CL was added to a new save in my load order.
  2. Do you have an example of what wasn't working? I use both CBP and SMP and don't see issues.
  3. Try the attached file. When I was porting it we had two versions, I wanted to try getting the DD version to work because I thought I found what went wrong the first time. I haven't encountered a dwarven ruin yet, so no crashes on my end - but this should remove DD from the list of spawnable creatures I think. DemonicCreatures.esp In MO just merge this with your current DC install and it should overwrite the ESP. I dont think you'll need to do anything else. (Though you may need to wait 30 days for the cell to reset)
  4. SSE users should still utilize the 1.1 TDB patch for 1.2 until the SSE port has been updated again.
  5. I use that mod with no problem in SSE. It only affects creatures that it's designed to affect, though, so you still have some creatures from DC that wont have schlongs. The mod doesn't conflict with DC (that I'm aware of) but make sure you have all the meshes from BD overwriting anything they need to.
  6. Aside from the dwarven doll issue a few pages back (fixed) I'm not getting any crashes. Can you install the .NET Framework and then post a crashlog (found in your overwrite directory of MO under "NetScriptFramework>Crash>Crash_DATETIMESTAMPHERE.txt"). With that bit of information we may be able to see what's causing the crashes.
  7. Hah, no worries. Here's the better SSE version. DemonicCreatures.esp
  8. Here's the SSE version of the ESP. This was put through the creation kit, one reference was changed, then changed back, then the file saved. I haven't had time to test it, and likely wont until I am done work for the day. Deleted, see below for SSE version. I did get this warning when running it through the CK, not sure if it matters. Edit: After a few hours of testing I'm not getting any crashes. I started with a clean save though, so not quite to dwarven ruins just yet. I have only currently seen the zebra dinosaur thing.
  9. TDB is fine, (I was getting the white mesh, but that's not a game breaker.) I can deal with a bad mesh until it's fixed if it's not crashing the game. I know I'm asking a lot when I say this, but the ability to manually toggle certain species in an MCM would be killer for testing the other species. (That way I could toggle the doll and the TDB off).
  10. I want to say it's probably something to do with how the doll's facegen works against some of the mods I use to make NPCs and players look better? I kept getting that same error string every time I went by the area, and unfortunately I've got ~350 mods on this install so finding the specific conflict might be tedious. One day I will make a cut down install for testing purposes... One day.
  11. I'm getting a hard crash when I enter the Nchuand-Zel Armory in the dwarven ruins under Markarth. Using Demonic Creatures SSE 1.1 Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF6E93B2BEF (SkyrimSE.exe+132BEF) on thread 6932! FrameworkName: NetScriptFramework FrameworkVersion: 9 FrameworkArchitecture: x64 GameLibrary: SkyrimSE GameLibraryVersion: 13 ApplicationName: SkyrimSE.exe ApplicationVersion: VersionInfo: Successfully loaded Time: 15 Dec 2020 16:39:04.824 Possible relevant objects (2) { [ 0] BSTriShape(Name: `DEGDwarvenDoll_HEADPART`) [ 46] BSFaceGenNiNode(Name: `
  12. You're absolutely right, thanks for pointing this out. Checked the .net framework and it appears I was a dumbass and forgot to update XPMSE. Anyways, updated that and now it's stable again. Thanks for the quick reply!
  13. There doesn't happen to be a patch for the newest version of SKSE, is there? Frankly I'm not sure if that's what's causing my CTD's, but they seem to have happened right after upgrading SKSE and reinstalling Bijin AIO 2020. I managed to fix most of the immediate CTDs after updating all my other SKSE plugin-related mods, but Sexlab is one of the few I have left that still requires the older version of SKSE and given the current CTDs seem to happen near NPC engagements, I'm thinking it may be Sexlab.
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Haven't had the chance to test the fix as I just swapped over to MO2 and haven't had the desire to reinstall this. I did end up installing the version I said I wasn't going to - it worked fine, just not my cup of tea. Thanks for the port and the response!
  15. I keep getting an error when trying to install this through Vortex saying that there's a problem with the source matching the changelog? Not entirely sure what's up with this, I haven't tested it yet, but since I'm trying to install a lot of updates I'm going to hold off on this one until that big red error isn't in my face.
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