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  1. It's the weirdest thing... animals have their "retracted" schlongs outside of sex, but don't get the full schlong when sex starts. Any help? Please this is driving me nuts
  2. This "Present 4 You" outfit would be great https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43580
  3. Right, heres a pic of the Dragonbreaker Armor
  4. Great as always, but the nose is all fucked up for me
  5. Any chance we can get the Dragon Breaker armor for LE? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3747.html
  6. I was really looking forward to This Armor, but only the inner Armour has Bodyslide files... Any chance you'll take a look at it?
  7. I noticed this problem when using Sexlab in Goma Pero Land. The cum textures load fine on the vanilla Skyrim map, but once I go in a worldspace added by a mod (like Aibellia island, etc.), the textures don't show up. The setting in the Sexlab mcm are unchanged there.
  8. Really great mod, I have a problem tho. I used cbbe before this, but now changed to uunp. The Body works great without any problems, but whenever I try to add new outfits that fit uunp, the bodyslide sliders only affect the outfits themselves, not the body underneath. Also, the body always stays the same, as changing presets only affects the outfit, too. This never happened before I used this mod, does anybody know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance
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