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  1. Nooooooo...not again. https://davidjcobb.github.io/skyrim-writings/articles/form-versions-43-and-44.html
  2. I see... Thats why they are anglo Saxons ? For fish I thought more, because they have so many things with fish. Fish 'n chips 9 - 12, fish 'n chips all day, fish 'n chips 24h, Babbelfish...
  3. Perfect, that fits. But, doesn't it sound a little bit British ?
  4. I more and more realise why you remain on LE.
  5. looking for a quest ID or NPC, this is quite handy. Cand be esp-fe'd https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/898
  6. Delete those things (C++) is not a good idea. When, then uninstall. Otherwise your registry gets cluttered with undefined strings. This can be a reason for lots of problems.
  7. Nothing new, no improvent, no interest, new bugs, destroys setup. Why update ? Just because luring advertiisment, all others have it, go through all debugging, optimizing, tuning again ? Difficult to resist, isn't it ? If your aim is fiddling around with setups, there are better ways. Sometimes, reading comments, I wonder to have a glance onto the payroll. For me NOWAY SE is now LE boat.
  8. @mircislav Good job May I give you an advice ? Do not use the "bigpatch" as master, not needed. Do not open attack the bigpatch. Do not mention the name of the bigpatch in your mod. Name it e.g. RIP (revert inadequate patches) Then you make a patch not related to the bigpatch. This should prevent any issues like permission. You can use only the skyrim and dlc's as masters and just overwrite scrap.
  9. disable enable or change cell. It's because the armor is in the save. Or give her clothes and take them again
  10. There is also an easy way without xedit. Use this spell, wear what you want your follower wear and cast spell. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44476
  11. Only parts of masters can be used, so you need to add the armor mod as master PS:close xedit after adding master and restert
  12. you need to make this armor mod a master. I will send screen how or I need both esp
  13. Ada Wang.esp you need to enter your helmet (see screen)
  14. Post the esp I will make default outfit, set helmet as circlet invisible. Guess you want the armor rate. This way hair and head remain unchanged, but you wear a helmet.
  15. Not armor, check skyrim for oft default outfit. This contains a complete set. Later I will see my computer and make a screen.
  16. Ok, if worn outfit is not used, than it's easy. Rightclick and enter the helmet. If it's a custom race, this slot is used by the skin. Then it's more complicated. You need to replace the hair with helmet. And this helmet has to be defined as headpart in the form list. Have to think what's an easy way.
  17. Yes, go to outfit in skyrim, select an outfit and copy (right click, select copy as new record) as new record into your mod. But as Grey mentioned, you want to replace the skin ? Then it's worn armor, it makes the npc never nude.
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