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  1. oh man this one is great, could use more tones to my taste but its better than vanilla. thanks! will try it soon
  2. a bit too excessive for me but i guess its better than nothing lol, it does make her skin like aging a little bit because of the excessive muscle texture. but hey thanks again!
  3. hey thanks! i hope more people made this type of mods more often!
  4. hi guys, would like to ask is there any DOA XVV mods that makes the girls has mild muscular body tones texture? i tried googling it and no luck. was just thinking would be great to have that kind of skin instead of plain body skin. dont know on the technical side on creating it either was it possible or not. thanks!
  5. he once complained about some chinese site downloading his mods and selling it online... since that happened he's been re;uctantly releasing his mods...
  6. not trying to ruin the mood but sqenix is famous for being "cheap" with their games, especially for modding community. take example of FF XV, that game has potential for lewd mods but even now there are no mods that are really considered heavy mods, just model swaps and recolors because of their hard to mod games... so modders are reluctant to mod the game even until today.. its hard and the result will be not satisfying... it will probably come to pc but for the modding side, looking at past FF's i doubt it will be easy to mod game..
  7. i think he is still working on it since he doesn't have a full roster of the girls yet, he did create a new thread pointing that he needs help to do the missing girls though.
  8. SJW man... plus he's a sony fanboy that seems to try to lick sony's ass to boost he's so called youtube channel and twitter... ass..
  9. i hate that sony being a dickwad by throwin dmca to mods like this but i also dont want them to stop bringing their console exclusives to pc though, tough call.. but yeah i understand how sony and guerilla doesn't want to make aloy image as a sexy women (you can see by how they didn't implement breast wobble on her and barely any revealing armor on the game itself).. hope the mod community doesn't stop bringing awesome mods for HZD because of the DMCA.
  10. ah so you need to update it first, ok gotcha, take your time man! and thanks for replying
  11. hi knight, thanks for all your hardwork but i have some texture problems on sayuri and patty (no nipples on nude mod) i already tried adding the line on the skin.ini but its not working, is it the d3dx.ini i should replace or is it the skin.ini? thanks before.
  12. this game needs a proper preset face and hair mods, i swear all the custom character looks like shit however i create one. though NPC somehow has better faces and hairs, at least that and a nude mod...
  13. its koei tecmo... even most of their games are rarely goes on discount
  14. gameplay are pretty meh tbh... i tested the game using a friend copy on my PS4... but seeing karbonkitsune's work, i might actually want to play it on my pc on steam version
  15. well the game officially released like a week ago... its not wrong..
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