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  1. I mean, unless if we want to come up with a completely new class that's literally designed to be lewd as a joke of some sort? "The Furry", "The Dominatrix", "The Main Protagonist", etc. Granted it'll take a lot of work to think of how the hell you could make a lewd class all together, but if one guy is able to figure out how to implement the game, "Enter the Gungeon" into the game, then it's possible to try and make a class centered around being lewd. Hell, I could probably think of a few myself. We could say that a BDSM suit would loose 1 energy, but reduce *ALL* damage taken by half alongside if you DID lose one health, they gain 1 energy the next turn. We could implement a certain kinks into the game (where we could even use the Relic Filter mod to our advantage) to enhance the flavor of each relic, card, etc into the game. Perhaps we could even make up an entirely new act around the lewd kinks (if they aren't crossing over other acts like The Factory or The Jungle) and give them specific events towards that. Specifically, every character, including the automaton, does have an asshole that's waiting to be fucked. uwu All and all though, I wouldn't doom and gloom that much. We just need the right ideas and get a balance team going before we can execute the mod properly. It might not be perfect, but fuck it, I'm pretty passionate about Slay the Spire.
  2. Just coming back to confirm that, unfortunately for the both of us, I don't think there's any lewd mods out there yet. EDIT: Okay, I immediately found a forum that did talk about the possibility of an adult mod on Slay the Spire, but they are being doom and gloom over there. (no card reference intended) HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it's the end of the adult modding of slay the spire though.
  3. Hello! I am curious about the compatibility of the Milk Economy Mod or if there's a way to patch it.
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