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  1. How did you do it, because I'm getting a lot of LE as well. And I already upgraded to 1.68
  2. Hello Nisa !! Thanks again for this amazing mod. I am using the latest version 1.68 and I have already updated your mod, and I still have the problem of the white nanny that doesn’t disappear from the trait Sensually tight, I’ve already had a Sim do a lot of oral sex and it didn’t work and another Sim has not done it for a long time oral sex and even then it doesn't disappear. I have had this problem for a long time and even with the hotfix it did not solve for me. You can put the optional nanny like nails and tattoos. Thank you in advance !! ☺️
  3. Thank you so much Nisa !! I'll wait for the fix, thanks again for this incredible Mod and for your attention. 💖💖
  4. Hello Nisa !! The white drool of the sensuously tight trait continues to bother me in the game. This is the feature I love the most, except that the white drool doesn't come out of Sims anymore. I'm using the public version of the latest update, it's in all my Sims' clothing categories.
  5. Hello Nisa !! thank you for your answer, I tested again as you recommended and continue with the white drool on most clothes. And I don't use any kind of texture replacement.
  6. Olá!! Tenho vários Sims com o traço Sensually Tight e a baba branca não está mais desaparecendo, mesmo depois de um tempo sem fazer sexo oral. Estou usando a versão pública mais recente. Ele desapareceu muito rapidamente antes. Pode ser um bug? I forgot to mention. With some clothes the drool disappears, but with most it doesn't
  7. Oi, espero que seu avô esteja melhor. Não queria incomodar mais não tá aparecendo o tabaco no uso de drogas autonomas, Não tem pra escolher cigarro, charuto, vaper essas coisas.
  8. Thank you very much for the response and attention. You are always amazing.🤩

  9. Oi , o WickedWims não vi diferença até agora, mais o Basemental Drugs eu estou com a última versão e tá faltando bastante coisa.
  10. First of all Thank you so much for this incredible mod. I have the Luumia bodyhair V5all mod installed and enabled it on your mod too, but still there is no Sim with body hair in my world. What can it be?
  11. It's great. Their animations are incredible. Thank you for your work. 😊
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