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  1. I have an issue with sheep quest, one of the werewolves keep pushing my character and the animation won't trigger, then it bugs and I can't leave that room. Is there a way to autocomplete the quest?
  2. Hello! I am loving the mod so far, but I'm having an issue at the party. The men ask you to serve the drink from your arse, which I know how to do, but I cannot remove the Carrot, so they get desatisfied and I lose points. Any ideas how to workaround?
  3. Hey friend, this looks really good in game, nice job! Sometimes some of the textures look too glowy, any ideas?
  4. Hey guys, When people Defeat me, my character sits down, but the agressors don't do anything, they just walk away. Any ideas on mod incompatibilities? I used to use this mod in the past with the same settings and it did work, now for some reason the NPCs do nothing.
  5. Thanks for this step bro. Unfortunately, it still didn't work. When trying to start an animation, it takes a long time and then the characters won't do anything. I have rebuilt the load order, starter a clean new game, configured everything on the MCM menus, did FNIS again as well and still nothing.
  6. Hey bro, thank you for trying to help. 1. I'm testing out with Hentai Creatures, but already tried with Radiant Prostitution and other quest mods. 2. Billy, Anubs, BakaFactory, Fuzzy and some more. 3. Yes, changing it does not work 4. I ran LOOT. 5. Nope, no warnings or errors on FNIS. 6. SexLab shows all as OK,
  7. Hey guys, I came back to Skyrim after a month or so. Before, I had everything working, but after reinstalling everything I'm not being able to make SexLab work. My issue is that the animations just won't start. The characters get naked, get on top of each other, but nothing else, they stay there basically forever, sometimes even making sounds. I've attached by ESP list, please see if you can help me out, I was so excited to play again. I have: • Rebuild SexLab animation list with SLAL • Tried to run FNIS multiple times, no T-Posing or anything like
  8. Everything is working fine on my game besides the SlaveTats stuff, my character doesn't get tattooed. Any clues?
  9. Thanks for working on it, this is one of my favourite mods.
  10. I was going to ask the same. This is much better than most Male schlongs, so it would be nice to have this on males
  11. Will you port it to SE at some point?
  12. Any of you have a fix for the Zipsuit Bodyslide? Currently it only changes the clothing model, which means that the body within the Zipsuit is still a Weight 0 UNP body, when I use a Weight 100 CBBE body, so you get it looks weird.
  13. Hello guys, I am using SlaveTats and RapeTats, however, it seems that from the start, almost all of the slots on SlaveTats are marked as EXTERNAL so it leaves really small room to RapeTats to work. Is there a way for me to discover what is using those slots? I have tried disabling cum from SexLab and I'll try to remove the Spank That Ass color. Do you think that WetFunctionRedux has something to do with this? Those are the mods I use that I think can cause this and I would really like to have more room for RapeTats to work. Thanks!
  14. I know the mod author tells us to not use this with 3BA, but has someone tested it with 3BA and made it work? The mods looks really interesting, but I don't know if I prefer this mod or 3BA xD
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