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  1. When they send me to prison I have sound of leg shackles at the beginning of process. But there is no shackles in reality.
  2. For me Pressing T and waiting for 1h fixed issue but dunno if it always fixes.
  3. I also use zaz 8+. And recently I got into trouble. For example, when I use a cuff, first the character puts her hands behind her back, but after a few seconds, shr puts his hands forward again and returns to normal. What can cause this?
  4. I have the same issue But never tried to find a solution If it has solution I have also another issue When i choose tie up with rope it uses iron cuffs over rope
  5. Hey I know that there is no solution for naked bandits! But my question is that is there anyway to see less naked bandits And is there any console code which we can fix them manually?
  6. Hey i have some issue! I'm using cursed loot 9 beta 2. Problem is that Zaz 8+ animations and posses resets after seconds for example i wear iron cuffs. character put her hands behind her back but after few seconds PC moves her hands to normal game state After disabling cursed loot 9 beta 2 problem resolved.
  7. I removed deviously cursed loot 9 beta 2 and problem resolved! Kinda surprised How can cursed loot do that?
  8. I have weird issue! Please help I never had problems with zaz 8+ it's for the first time For example when i wear backside cuff she put her hands behind her back but after few seconds she moves her hands to normal state Its same for another back and front devices Another example in pahe when i say i need make sure you stay here then select cuff or iron hit sits for 1 secs and then quickly stands up and go to normal state Please help!
  9. @Kimy did you check SKVA Synth - xVASynth tool? Now you can generate custom voices for npcs.
  10. It would be great if we had options to execute our slaves sometimes i capture too many enemies from dungeons And i want to execute most of them due to standing against me
  11. Does anyone know the approximate time of the official release date of the cursed loot 9?
  12. I have question? When we put on devices we have access to 360 camera. My question is how i can access 360 camera for whole of my game on not only when restrained. I mean a compatible way!
  13. What about riding horse pack by player? Like red dead redemption.
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