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  1. im going to try first the last sovereign since i have come to worry dat im putting to much text even if is because roleplay and shet... and i want to put a lot but i don't want to scare people if they don't want to read dat much, i try to make it less painfull by adding choices so they can interact not sure if it helps but if then again the core gameplay is dat.. soo.. yeaaah i did't mean dat those game should have those features xD those features are of my game but is nice to know and don't worry i have tested every feature dat i want and i made it work yesterday was the day in wi
  2. well yes and no, i do have the idea and everything else i just want to see other quiality games to see how is the quality department (my only reference is latex dungeons and beside the drawings the quality is pretty low) and yes looking at other games ideas is part of the plan even if i have everything already plan what i would like to see is how they implement their ideas, not mines but if i like something i may try to add it and about what type of game it needs to be.. well.. this is on "adult gaming" so you can guess, but if you refer features of the game then Long story short:
  3. Hello im working in a RPG Maker game and i would like to know other games made with the same engine dat are good or popular so i will be able to see more or less what is good to have a reference i have already start with mine and have a idea of how is going to be but if i can improve it i will be happy to do so, sadly im no expert on this type of game so i only find little and dats why i ask if somebody knows and like this type of games so i can learn something and as i say see how to improve mine
  4. the latex dungeon was just an example of people using VX more but i only show it because i like the mid combat animations even if they need work the idea is good for what i am aiming is not a low bar but something in the middle of mid to high i just did't share any details about the game.. because it was not the point of this post ANYWAY so MV makes harder to the customer to edit the game? but aside for dat nothing more? not a big issue for me did't plan for dat neither care about it welp i still want to ear other opinions of persons who uses MV and VX but for the mome
  5. so i have a question i wanted to try to make a adult Rpg Maker Game but.... after searching i found out dat most are made in VX but i have not seen any in MV soo... i wanted to ask if somebody know why if VX is better for some reason or maybe is dat MV is bad ? by the way what i want to make is something similar to Latex Dungeon i like how they add animations in the middle of the fight of cource it will have more then dat but i found it interesting here is the link to latex dungeon if you want to see what i mean https://www.patreon.com/zxc so yeah i w
  6. ok no problem then, by the way i have check and i have everything up to date and i was thinking it may be because im using rivatuner statistics server to cap the fps to 58 im going to test it but is probably not going to work xD
  7. Hello Guys, i am haivng an issue you see i installed this mod and i started to play everything looks fine the breast increase as normal (to fast for my taste but anyawy) but! the skin changes color only to the body and not to the head or hands wich.. annoys me.. because i wanted this mod mostly because of the skin change and im not sure if i did something wrong i have no idea how to deal with this i have try to fin a fix but my google work is not showing me coments about this mod when i search.... soo any of you know how to fix it? i try to wait / sleep and else but d
  8. hi, I'm not good with mods but I have a doubt, what do you mean when you say "use Bodyslide to build the assets." sorry i just don't know how to do it, Is it a way of saying that we have to use the bodyslide to assign the object the size of the body? Pd: yes i'm not good at this
  9. player get enslave and dat voodo mod looks sooo coool! also i will use Prison Overhaul
  10. hi im going to start a new playthrough as a Female Orc Raider (Maybe shaman too? i don't know i like magic xD) i will use -Orc Hearthfires -Play as a Bandit but i wanted to use adult mods too, any suggestions? (non-adult mods and adult mods) pls help?
  11. No open the console. You click on keerava... and you write additem MeatPieID 14 ooo..... i feel so dumb right now, thx and sadly i am still stuck... did not work...
  12. like "keevara.getitemcount -meat pie id- 14" ? not working i don't know how to do this Q_Q
  13. i'm stuck with 1 quest for keevara who needs 14 meats pies but she don't wants to give me any option at all while i talk to her D: besides the vanilla options like "i want to buy stuff" v1.2
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