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  1. I updated this mod somewhat: - Pulled over the script updates made by Asertyp from the LE page - Compacted form IDs and converted the esp to an esp-fe (esl) - Removed the 'Pages' property from the SAT_Controller in the esp which appears to do nothing (except throw an error in my papyrus log). - Changed RegisterForUpdate to RegisterForSingleUpdate which is safer. Although I kept the registerforupdate for the red flashes event, this should be pretty safe since it will only run for a short amount of time before it gets unregistered. You can check that its gone using 'sqv SAT_RedFlashesController' and look for the registrations under the papyrus section. It will also get unregistered if the red flashes option is toggled off in the MCM as a safety. - Moved RegisterForModEvent to be triggered on each game load (for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be persistent with esls) - Added MCM options to change the frequency of the stress and trauma events and the red flashes - Regenerated seq file Requires a clean save. SAT_Patch.zip
  2. Investigated why the key doesn't keep across savegames. For me this seems only to happen with the esl version. For whatever reason the esl version (identical to the esp version except with the esl flag) doesn't have persistence for mod event registrations and key press registrations. I put the registrations into the load game callbacks and the persistence issue goes away. This seems to be the correct way to do it anyway for mod event registrations according to the notes for this. Attached both psc and pex versions of effected scripts. In addition, make sure you have the latest version of PapyrusUtil and that nothing is overwriting it, there have been a few updates for it to make it compatible with esl files and there are many mods out there that have old versions of PapyrusUtil embedded into them. SerialStripFunctions.psc SerialStripperPlayer.psc SerialStripperFunctions.psc SerialStripper_MCM.psc SerialStripFunctions.pex SerialStripperPlayer.pex SerialStripperFunctions.pex SerialStripper_MCM.pex
  3. Another way is to use mators Automation Tools https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49373/ Use QuickDisplay to export Perks/Appearance from mod B to a csv file. Use QuickChange to import the csv file and overwrite records in mod C. Or use the QuickChange Restore tool to copy an element into an override. This really can be done a number of ways with AT. Scripts work for both LE and SE from what I've tested.
  4. To do this the only thing you should need to do is create the npcs where you want them and attach the LIAT script to them.
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