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  1. Hi. Put the files WW_0zzzy_Animations.package and [0zzzy] Objects.package to the folder ...\The Sims 4\Mods\ You need to pay attention to the Animation sheet section. The table lists objects that are locations for animations. The remaining objects are not locations for animations, but are loaded automatically in those locations where it is provided by the animation. Animation sheet
  2. Thank you! Well, I'm a little busy right now at my main job. But I already have a few sketches and more ideas, so there's bound to be new mods 😊
  3. I did not delve into the details, but try to fix the syntax first. Two tags are missing at the end of XML: </L> </I> I also recommend that you use more than just tags <T> </T>. Try using this syntax: (this will help keep the document legible)
  4. Well, kingfield, I'm very pleased you liked it! I'm flattered 😊
  5. Hi crashdodgers, thank you. A very talented content creator, known to all fans of BDSM and more, Kritical offered me a collaboration in a small joint project. So soon, I hope we'll release something interesting together 😊 Please see the Animation sheet section. The Location column lists objects that have their own independent animation. Objects Yoke_bar-1 and Gag-1 are not a location for any animation. Yoke_bar-1 and Gag-1 are automatically loaded in animations: One_Bar_Prison-1 TEASING F Idle 1 vaginal
  6. Pornstar Cock V4.0 By .Noir. (Pornstar Cock - Extra Big Thick Hard - AM) Thanks! My modeler skill is not very good. I know that I'm modeling at the amateur level, because I work with professional modelers and I see how cool they work 😊 I have a lot of experience in animation and rigging. But my experience is mostly useless in this forum, because I work in 3D Max and I know Blender poorly. It is a pleasure to receive such reviews 😊 I'm glad you liked it!
  7. If wongfoo2003 had not updated the package, One_Bar_Prison-1 would also have been invisible. Perhaps a conflict arose with some of its objects, but I myself can not figure out which one.
  8. you just need to return the b__ROOT__ bone to its original position. do not touch b_ROOT_ use b_ROOT_bind_
  9. I don't have any idea why this could happen yet... do you see these objects in build mode?
  10. Unfortunately, I am not good at Blender (I use 3D Max). And looking at the video, I don’t know what you are doing right or not. Regarding the wrong orientation of the character - perhaps you rotated the character by means of the bone b__ROOT__. This bone cannot be touched. Use transformBone for this purpose.
  11. Thanks! 😊 Yes, this is completely my model, texture and design.
  12. In Blender, your animations look exactly the same as in the game and have the same duration. Probably a mistake at the export stage from Blender.
  13. Yes everything is correct. At objects Yoke Bar and Gag no independent animation yet.
  14. Location of this animation One_Bar_Prison-1 You need to point to One_Bar_Prison-1 and select TEASING -> Idle 1 * Yoke Bar and Gag loads automatically.
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