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  1. Did you modifyed in steam original folder? Because I see steam path in your picture @@
  2. This is very difficult project, you are so terrific!
  3. When gust_tool current version use on A21(Ryza) will let *.g1t loss data. Just use G1tRePack.exe to unpack and repack *.g1t can work in game.
  4. This tool need install .NET Framework 4.6.1 , Did you do it?
  5. No ,you can deem this is only demo version. Because I tried the existing command by manual, almost file being data loss. Determine what works is G1tRePack.exe for *.dds without command. I just write script that tools maybe will updated.
  6. Update 20191127205316: Fix space path bug. Update 20191127141753: 1. Just drag file or folder in one step (without select features) then it will auto determine file extension or folder to unpack or repack. 2. Let it can auto repack as all step (step by step from *.vb、*.ib、*.fmt、*.dds to *.g1m、*.g1t、*.elixir.gz). p.s. 1 Unpack must drag a file else repack must drag a folder. p.s. 2 The gust_tool look like stop in A18 or A17 ,so repack possible repack complete but can't load to game , I also wait it update. AtelierRyzaModTools_20191127205316.zip
  7. Oh! I saw your model last week! I feel so professional! I don’t know how to edit model after unpack at the time. I only know bone data and something are very dispersion . But I want to try continue because I'm gentleman www. And I think maybe somebody didn't bought DLC , so I also try on default model and feel very difficult =..=
  8. I try to modify 3D model in soon. And I also want to made easier as blender and blender_3dmigoto.py for interested person. So I made a blender_3dmigoto_For AtelierRyza.blend file to auto made blender to import and export *.vb、*.ib files(after unpack g1m). p.s. Just use Python built-in Blender 2.8 , you should not have to install python by yourself. How to use: [1]. Install blander version 2.8 [2]. Open blender_3dmigoto_For AtelierRyza.blend [3]. Run script use hot key [Alt]+[P] or press [Run script] in [scripting] page. [4]. Check its also add *.vb and *.ib in [File] -> [import] and [File] -> [Export]
  9. When you update after unpack PACK00_02 , just goto Ryza's folder rename new PACK00_02.PAK to other name.
  10. I put tools as unpacking success by myself , and also a little batch to use. Before unpacking *.g1m you need replace hex:0x300x330x300x30 to 0x390x320x300x30 by yourself. AtelierRyzaModTools_20191124184128.zip
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