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  1. hello can you add this hair to the anime race mod pls and Log horizon Akatsuki npc follower to? here Her hair with the texture



  2. was looking for Honoka race mod  but all links were taken down, even the patreon. 

    Need help for it, and I'll appreciate for it so much.



  3. is there anime race for skyrim special edition?

  4. i love your anime races specially Marie Rose as i am a fallout 4 fan , would it be possible with your permission to post images  of her on Nexus


    Cheers n Beers


    Fallout 4 Screenshot 2020.03.26 -

    1. a3523149


      sure why not

      upload it a lot

    2. imp57


      Thanks and i am slow but forgot i will credit to you also. just name.

  5. hey Turkeytail if i donate can i get the tera elin for skyrim 




  6. just found your tera elin and i was wondering where the ears and face and such is because id love to play fallout 4 as a elin ^>^

    1. a3523149


      Come to my discord channel

  7. i made anime race discord channel if talking about to anime race with me come here~ I am very bored now https://discord.gg/p9CaYhx
  8. i did not played The Skyrim SE yet of course i don't interested to that on now so i recommend playing oldrim of course not mean is buy The Oldrim on now, There is a way to enjoy without buying it, I hope you understand what this
  9. because that outfit maybe use 'cbbe' but mmd race's texture is 'unp' anyway thanks your screenshot I think you did a good customizing so i hope see more screenshots of you
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