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  1. I will answer point by point, I don't have the 100% of everything but I would say 80 - 90%. 1. For the cum settings you can install Cumshot, it has more setttings to tweak (Amount, Trigger, Multiple types of cum) make sure you read each setting description to know what you are doing. 2. About the Arousal I don't rly know if SL Aroused has any settings for that, but I'm sure with Cumshot settings you can recreate what you want. 3. About the animations you are right, you just need to disable the vaginal animations on SL Animation Loader or disable the tags in SL Defeat (but if you do it on Defeat those animations will still trigger on different cases cause they are still active, also non tagged/bad tagged animations will also play). 4. The easiest way to be a dickgirl/femboy/tomboy is make a flat girl and add any addon you want, there is also some races for that but I never tried them so I don't know if it's easier that way. You just need a body (CBBE,UNP yara yara) and SoS of Skyrim + the Addons (different type of cocks) some have sliders like CBBE so you can make them as you want. EvilReFlex made a very high quality Addons so I recommend to check out his/her files. Make sure to check the description of the settings of each mod in the MCM (mod menu in game) so you dont miss anything. If you need any help/questions you can PM or Discord me.
  2. So clean, hope you share more stuff of your character
  3. Yeah but even so It will take a lot of years, just look how Fallout 4 trajectory even if it was made based on Skyrim, making it on a new game will probably take 10+ years to even reach something close to Skyrim
  4. Sorry for the disapointment but I don't think that's gonna happen soon (we will probably have the next game following V's story before we even have something like SexLab in Cyberpunk 2077)
  5. Body Preset too would be nice
  6. That's because the clothes are actually using the 3BBB or 3BA and your body is SMP, happens the same for me but with few clothes I only use with Physics
  7. So there is a guy doing bad his job, then there is another guy who fixes all the shit he made. Doesn't seem like a good business plan.
  8. MO2, doesnt matter what mod has the priority if it's with higher priority or lower priority both ways look the same. Could you show me how is supposed to look in game?
  9. So not sure if this is the way its supposed to look (I had a older version) Page2 is the female and Page3 is the males I guess, Page4 is empty so dont rly know if you are working on new stuff. I'm missing a reset to default option since it would make it easier for try different things at the same time without having to look and care about the default numbers. Also a option to save presets would be helpful too since we all restart saves a ton of times.
  10. This is true, most of people bought the game from the discounted GOG codes. Who would pay 60€ when you can buy it from the release for 40€
  11. Hope you can make it work with 3BBB, is the most used CBBE in SE atm
  12. Is the issue with the guards going invisible (0 sliders if I'm not wrong) fixed ?
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