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  1. Hi everyone, i noticed my game crashes when i add another mod in, it's weird really. i recently tried to adding the statue mod by vmars. i think it's something that happens coz i have too many mods, because it happened yesterday with a different mod as well, so im guessing i hit a limit of how many mods the game can support? i tried testing this by adding 2 clothing mods, after removing the statue mod, and those seems to not crash my game, so i'm not sure if it's a size issue or something else. right now my mods folder is 22GB in size. when i play the game it runs fine, and i
  2. yes, i think so, they were pretty straight forward? unless i missed something.
  3. I see. i've already done all that but i couldn't get it to work, not sure why. maybe ill try a reinstall someday soon
  4. Couldn't make the other employees show up? do i have to assign roles or something? It worked fine when she goes to work without me being there. PS: i have all the furniture as shown in the image, so unsure of why it doesn't automatically work?
  5. i came upon an issue today, my sim has a lot of traits, way more than the 3 you start off with, so when i tried to get the hare one by removing another trait, one of my other traits replaced the one i had in Cas, so i couldn't add the hare one. i tried using mcc to add it, but i can't seem to find the trait there. I don't see the rabbit icon, nor the name after scrolling through my list. I was wondering if future versions could have an image added so that it works with mcc? Also, i was curious, is there a cheat text way of adding that specific trait to a sim that i can do before a
  6. my game keeps crashing when using this mod in del sol valley. anyone know how to fix it? here's the file. lastCrash.txt
  7. Couldn't get this to work, do i have to somehow choose it?
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply. So all i've done is to add the mods to the mod folder like normally, and the aspirations worked fine, i'm also using the same character when checking the computer, but can't find the eden menu, or the tam explorer. I gave the character some of the new traits also, as well as equipping the nails needed for the black widow trait (im guessing) I also tried reinstalling the mod with no success, and watched a youtube video on it, but even though i followed all these steps i still can't find the option on the computer. (i'm using the best purchasable one for the base game)
  9. I haven't been able to find the option on the computer to become a prostitute, but everything else works?
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