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  1. Very pretty game, do you mind sharing where the walking and running animations are from?
  2. It's definitely a CBBE texture Although I'm not quite sure which one it is either.
  3. I've tested this for SE and I didn't have any in regards to animations playing. The only event that I do have issues with occasionally is the one where the stalker starts by touching your ass. The struggle bar sometimes doesn't come up and I get stuck in that animation and have to reload the game. Another issue with that same event is that the it will sometimes get hung up on the second set of Dialogue after "what are you doing". It will then just keep looping the same dialogue after doing the struggle meter I then also have to reload my game after this in order to get out of the animation.
  4. This would be awesome I was wondering if the morphs would need a script update
  5. ah perfect, I can probably do a conversion then and post here
  6. Ah that makes sense, would you by chance know if the scripts also need to be converted or mainly the esps and would the dlc pack be relevant for SE?
  7. I second the SE users it will be awesome to see this for SE if time and action permits it. Been waiting for this mod to release for sometime and you've definitely taken it balls too the walls. So excited to use it at some point.
  8. I can attest to this.... This mod is pretty amazing, but this is the first time I've had this issue with it. I'm also using BD's Orc Schlong and it works fine after SL events in regards to re equipping but armor never reequips for BD hoodies.
  9. Awesome! So it works in mcm now but I am getting the message saying that 154 armors that are in the json could not be found in game. I took a peak and saw that you added the recognition to the new armors in the new esps. While the origina TAWOBA is there. I take it that the 154 armors are referring to the non remastered version correct?
  10. I'm not sure why but the keyword esps that are on the page do not allow me to build bikini list in game. To be more clear, I have TAWOBA Remastered Esp and Pumpkins as well as both of the mods. I've created a Merged Patch through SSE Edit as well as a bashed patch and the Build list option is grayed out. It's odd I've never had this issue before.... Edit1: I think I might have to add them manually since my SL Survival was logged in my load order as 06 and not starting with 07. Will update again too make aware if the issue is fixed or not. Edit2: Still no luck adding it manually for b
  11. Is the latest version available for SE through patreon?
  12. Suke SLAL Anims SE .rar I no longer have access to my old account due to old email issues but here are the SE files.
  13. Hmmm I'm guessing there is no alternative footwear while curse is active for feet?
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