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  1. Exactly, I am the owner and the only person I can hire as a stripper is myself, I can assign stripper poles to guests of the club, but cannot hire or design uniforms
  2. Thanks, I already have GTW, that's why Im unsure as to why this is happening
  3. So I built a Bar and have bought it as a Strip Club, the only option I have to to employ my own Sim as a Stripper via the phon, I can't add new employees or create the uniforms. Im pretty sure it something I haven't done right, but if anyone can please give me advices that would be great.
  4. Ive built a strip club as well and the only option to hire a stripper is my own sim via phone. I am not able to mange the club, expand any employees nor create the uniforms. so the club is useless. If anyone can assist as I too believe it s something Ive done or have included . if anyone can assist this would be great
  5. So Ive built a stip club and I am unable to hire anyone except my sim as a stripper. This is the only option that appears on me sims phone and nI am not able to Manage employees, of uniforms. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I rectify it?
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