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  1. False Hero v0.35 released! I've updated the first post. [Changelog]: v0.35 (New Jane's content) This update was entirely focused on new Jane's content. -8 new events with Jane(600pic) + new sessions and different dialogues. All of them you can find at the workplace at noon.
  2. False Hero v0.30 released! I've updated the first post. [Changelog]: v0.30(including v0.25 beta changes) Major changes & additions: The focus of this update was to think through the core code features of the game(all interactions, all locations, all npc characters, all future events, just everything). That's why it took so long. But thanks to that saves will now work properly from update to update and most importantly I can make updates much faster. Also, with this update, I finished reworking the game that I have started some time ago. Melanie and Lucy's routes have changed drast
  3. Thank you for your kind words! I don't think that I'll release steam version soon. Maybe only when I'll finish a game, so it means in a year or so. P.S. Sorry for the late reply.
  4. False Hero v0.20.1 released! I've updated the first post. Changelog: Major changes & additions: 100+ images and about 19000+ words in total: -2 event with Jane (undress her; new session with her) -2 event with K&A (bath scene with Kate and Ashley; bath scene with Sebastien and Kate) -A lot of new choices were added in the game. -I did proofreading of the game, made possible by the saints who have big hearts to help me! HUGE AMOUNT of mistakes were fixed. (There are a lot of things are still needs to be done though) -FULL HD test version. You can download it in discord. Al
  5. False Hero v0.18 released! I've updated the first post. Changelog: 100+ images and about 10000+ words in total. -3 events with Melanie. -1 event with Tiffany. -1 event with K&A. Old saves have to work.
  6. False Hero v0.16 released! I've updated the first post. Changelog: 150+ images and about 12000+ words in total. -6 new events with Twins. -3 new events with Jane. -All Twins' route was remade in code, Jane's code was also slightly changed. -Quality of pictures drastically improved. "Old saves won't work, because the code of Jane and Twins' route was changed. But I believe these routes deserve to be played anew. A lot of things have changed!"
  7. Hi, I'm Enyo and I'm the developer of False Hero. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. Overview The best corruption game you will ever play, (development in-progress -_-) with the most beautiful and deeply-developed characters. Explore the lives of a high school girl, her carrying mother, an aspiring actress, and a pair of twins. Each has their own in-depth story arc and unique developments. No more stupid boring sluts who all look alike. Only perfection. You can build trustful, loving relationships or you can corrupt them until they've become cock wo
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