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  1. Okay i have to Ask My problem: Petsuit yoke it is the same only works when I move with my Weapons drawn and i move and yes I run FNIS, Bodyslide LOOT it all looks good, I have no idea what is wong Disable mods that use DD = done Disable idle mods = done Disable the SHIT out of my Modlist = done I am frustrated oh and ... Modlist:
  2. Yaer the classic The idle animation doesn't work(armbinder ,petsuit . . . Standing/Walking) and I'm running out of ideas a week ago it was still running I've only added mods for graphics, UI and an armor mod since then deactivating this does not change either Let FNIS, Bodyslide and Loot run multiple times When I have drawn the weapons and move, the animation seems to be running but only then Full ModList(i'm using MO):
  3. FOUND it it was the sound effects of Devious Training you can simply deactivate them in the mcm
  4. Sanguine Debauchery andSubmissive Lolaare off now don't need Submissive Lola and SD needs same fix's (i look leather on that ) but the my Char still moans And every time I think: girl that's a sword in your face not a dick in your ass
  5. the title says it all every time i got hit my character moans as like she gets fucked now the Question Which mod does that part of my mod list:
  6. Test results: 1. In the installation, the folder for the bodyslides is incorrectly named the tool cannot find the files 2. these work the hooves are shown but ... you have the right color in the inventory when you wear them they are all black I think you have the right files for sure but you probably put the wrong ones in the download ohh and thank you for the support
  7. me the same the default one works the other are invisible the reason seems to be the bodySlide's are missing
  8. Parasites, egg factory or another mod that tries to change the body at runtime the items often make such things better than the character model i saw it with egg factory I didn't notice the eggs I think cursed Loot can do that too
  9. i see it one times when my skse failed to load ... after a game restart it was fixed but i don't believe this is your problem something that is required is missing check the requirements use the AOI package (you can find it in the comments, just 10 - 15 pages back ... somewhere there is the download-link(I am too lazy to search it for you)) run FNIS AND BodySlide in the beginning these are the most common mistakes when using this mod I placed the mod high up in the loadorder in some cases it can help
  10. I found the cause in my setup I feel like an idiot something overwritten my fnis output folder so the idles got messed up (I think it's a peculiarity of the Mod Orgenizer) three days of my life for nothing
  11. there was a similar problem in OLDRIM last year but there were other causes besides i still haven't found the cause in my case edit: ignores my script statement I found it in the end (what messy scripts ... nothing is where you would expect it to be ) Meanwhile, I think the items are labeled incorrectly petsut gets hobbeldress and yoke yoke will be handcuffed and so on not only the idles but also the effective are exchanged but the unlock and orgasm animations are correct again
  12. I found out that it could be a script problem I searched the code but I didn't find the place where the animation for petsuits was loaded if you say in oldrim it works there will probably be something wrong with the SE scripts will try to find out which scripts are missing but i don't think its a problem whith an other mod
  13. no i don't use it i think it's an idles( the animation when the character does nothing) problem i have mods installt that change the idles in some situations like animated armory i would think fins make something wong but i have near 200 mods and I'm not sure because same items still have the right idle
  14. need help some animations are interchanged as an example the petsuit give me this and moves like hobble dress all animations are there and still working but the assignment to the items seems to be wrong
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