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  1. The naked top and bottom I am referring to appears when you have a female sim do kinky/exhibition/remove top, bottom or both and I was wondering. How do change those? Because I want to replace them with a new naked top and bottom I made.
  2. The issues I'm facing with kinky world are as follows: Interaction:blocked NotAttractive And I try to make sims do sexual activities but as soon as they are about to do their activities they cancel out. I want to enjoy Kinky World to the fullest but I can't with these damn defects and limitations.
  3. In kinky world, I can make sexual gang bangs happen but only 2 male sims can gang bang a female sim and I was wondering if there's an animation mod that raises the amount of guys that can gang bang a woman.
  4. I want someone to make a mod of this fake pervert dinosaur. Players can make the Pervatasaurus sexually molest sims and if the player wants the Pervatasaurus to sexually molest only one gender, then players can set gender restrictions in the settings like in Kinky World. Also, Pervatasaurus can knock sims down, like King Kong did to Ann Darrow in Peter Jackson's film.
  5. Is there a mod that involves putting sims on leashes and gagballs in their mouths?
  6. I want to make my famale sims have sex but I don't want them to get pregnant at all.
  7. And what about the walking with his arms around her animation?
  8. When I try to make male sims rape the female sims, they go into a fight cloud that results in the female getting injured and it's really annoying. Also when I try to spawn rapists to rape my female sims, they disappear just when the rape is about to start.
  9. I would like for their to be a Scary Movie 1 chase animation mod only the male sim is not trying to stab the female sim, he's trying to sexually grope/molest/assault her. Now the player has options on how the situation can play out, like kinky world the player can make their sims fully naked, wear their naked outfits or leave the clothing unchanged (P.S: I'm not a big fan of naked women because I like to see them in leotards with or without boxers or pants). Now for when the male sim catches up to the female sim, he can catch up to her and sexually assault her right away or he can walk with her with his arms around her a little and then sexually assault her.
  10. I know this idea sounds ridiculous and unrealistic but I want there to be a mod that makes female sims titties stick up like penises. Now their titties don't get bigger, they just stick up as far as their natural size will let them. Now the breast erections can happen at random times and the player can make the breasts erect whenever they want by clicking on the female sims and making it happen. Also breast erections can happen when the female sim is sexually aroused and when their wearing clothes. One other thing, the player also has the ability to make one of the tits twitch/stick.
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