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  1. I, did not expect a patch this quickly. Thank you so much man, appreciate it!
  2. I know that Penguins themselves already have support, but the vanilla penguin race in the Penguin Piracy Reborn dont work with it (See attachments). I'm hoping theres a way to port that over without too much trouble. I'm not asking for support for all it's penguins, merely the vanilla penguin in it. Thanks in advance for any help with this!
  3. Too hot for Starbound I guess
  4. Maybe to avoid confusion for the future the monsters with assests that arent in the current available version can have a different colored check mark? Green for monsters with support in the current version and yellow for ones with finished assets but haven't been added yet
  5. Nuru is... a weird case here. At a glance, just looking at her design and sprite, you wouldn't assume she's underage. You're only told she's 17 in a throwaway line in 1 mission that can easily be missed. Not to mention she's an alien plant creature. If she were human this might be a bit more cut and dry, but she isn't. For all we know, Florans are ready for reproduction after 3 summers and Nuru is actually quite old for her species, we don't know and I doubt we'll ever know for sure.
  6. Figured it was more a joke, I'm not dying for an update with more Punchy positions but it still stuck out to me. I get that it doesn't have any real way to define gender, but if that was the case why would you pick to make it only male? To me its a lot more believable that a dick can be stuck in it rather than it sticking a dick in you, but I didn't study Sandbag anatomy so I may be wrong and they just have a case of invisi-dick (As I typed this I realized the implication was most likely meant to be that you were rubbing your genitals on it but the animation doesnt make it seem that way). As for the Hyoltl part I can understand it being more of an inanimate object rather than a living creature, but it still blinks and its face changes expression when hit so it should be more alive than that. I've actually got an idea that might flesh it out a bit more but it reaches into head canon territory. Hylotls seem like the types of people to be weaboos for obvious reasons, so maybe Punchys are created by lonely Hyoltls as their form of body pillows, and then using some form of magic they're brought to life. Going off that logic, it wouldn't be too much a stretch to say that some of those Punchys were made with "other uses" in mind. But I'll leave it up to you if you wanna expand upon them or not, just thought there was a bit of missing potential with Punchy.
  7. Will Adult Poptops and Mother Poptops have different animations (Like the Mother is more gentle whereas the Adult is rougher) or will they share the same ones? As for current monsters there's only 2 I have gripes with, the first being Punchy's. They might've just had support as a joke, but I still find it a bit disappointing that they only have 1 position and (At least from what I've seen) can only be male. So if possible it would be great if they could be female and have a couple more positions. The other might just be an issue on my end but the oral position for Snaunts doesn't work right, instead of sucking your dick it just kinda passes by their mouth. That's all the complaints I got so far, good luck with your personal issues!
  8. I think it was more of a pattern reason why it got so many votes. I know if I made a mod like this I'd want to work on the monsters in order of appearance.
  9. I didn't know they were based on their actual pets, totally understandable why you wouldn't do it in that case. I'll let you know if I find a mod without any connections to them! EDIT: Right as I posted this I believe I found a pair of mods like that. They're both still wips but currently it looks like they have a good amount of different cats and dogs in them. It doesnt say anywhere in the descriptions that they're based on anyone's irl pets so it should be good. There is a bunch of dogs in the dog one though so it's understandable if you might not want to add support for that one for a while. Dog: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750940532 Cat: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1277619409
  10. Would you ever consider adding in support for the normal cats and dogs you can sometimes find in settlements or is this mod only going to be for actual monsters?
  11. I want to bring attention to a bug I noticed, if you capture one of the supported monsters and then put them in a healing station it could change their gender. It's not that bad as you can just keep rehealing until they're your prefered gender or just give them a health 3/healing 3 collar (or a modded immortal collar to remove the need to heal them at all) but I thought I'd bring attention to it regardless.
  12. Finally, a reason to use capture pods!
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