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  1. SxB has now updated to fix the incompatibility between Sexbound API and Armor Adapt. The bridge mod is no longer needed, please download the latest version of Sexbound API
  2. I delivered a fix to SxB to make it work with Armor Adapt but the next Update to the API won't be for some time. So I've gone ahead and made a temporary fix mod between the two. Having this mod installed will allow SxB and Armor Adapt to work together. It changes a single lua script that was causing the error in the API. This mod is temporary though and will most likely need removal once Sexbound API updates. For now though, this should fix the problems for everyone till the API updates. In the future though SxB is planning further use of Armor Adapt systems. While this mod may not give it, SxB is planning a compatibility between SxB and Armor Adapt to allow Armor Adapt to swap the images of your clothing to have a pregnant belly while Pregnancy is active. Granted this is not implemented yet as the next Sexbound API update is not ready yet and I have to discuss with Locuturus on how we are going to handle the community side of things to get species supports to also follow this change so they can have a pregnancy outfit as well.
  3. View File Sexbound API X Armor Adapt Temporary Fix [Now Outdated due to fix in SxB] This mod is now Redundant, the fix has been made to Sexbound API, please update to the latest version of the API. Submitter Zancuno Submitted 11/15/2021 Category Starbound  
  4. Version 1.1.0


    This mod is now Redundant, the fix has been made to Sexbound API, please update to the latest version of the API.
  5. I talked to Red about this and we found the problem. I was using an outdated SxB in my testing, so the problem was missed. Basically Armor Adapt modifies the images listed in the config of the item. Like normally in an item you would see "femaleFrames" : "head.png" This is what Armor Adapt does "femaleFrames" : "/items/armors/armorAdapt/<species>/<itemName>/<bodyType>/headf.png" SxB gets the images while in sex nodes by getting the path of the item and slapping what is inside the "frames" : "image.png" (The "image.png" specifically) onto the end of the path to have the images on the node. This is where the problem comes from because what the SxB scripts are doing is /items/armors/itemFolder//items/armors/armorAdapt/<species>/<itemname>/<bodyType>/headf.png The double // and the fact that path doesn't exist is what is doing it. Thankfully I know how to fix this, but I have to wait for Loc to return from the void so I can give them the fix to SxB. I've been waiting for compatibility talks to happen anyways to get the pregnancy effect update going. Edit: I have a working fix ready, just have to wait on Loc
  6. I was pinged, it seems Short explanation: Armor Adapt allows an item that has included the armor adapt build script, to change its images to fit the shape of the species and body type of player or NPC currently wearing the item. Body Type refers to an alternate look for the species, whether that'd be alternate color options designed to change the shape of the body, or mods that change the sprites of the species. Armor Adapt can be set up to detect these with working with the author of the race mod or reskin mod. For outfit items that do not have an alternate appearance for the species made, a default outfit can be set to fill in the gap or the mod author can choose to make certain outfit parts just use the item's original images till alternate artwork is made. (ERM compatibility is almost done, not out yet, but makes a good example) An additional utility is also allowing status effects to manipulate what images are used, which is something SxB is thinking about using for their pregnancy status effect to where if Armor Adapt is installed, the pregnancy effect would cause a default pregnancy outfit to be applied to the player and or NPC's clothing until they give birth and the outfits return to normal. Leaving it entirely optional to the community if they want to make pregnancy sprites for the outfits or not on that aren't the default to their own ambition. You can find more information about compatibility on the mod's github page wiki. Armor Adapt Wiki
  7. In the case of Armor Adapt, a default outfit can be set when they are pregnant, so this would fill in the missing image gaps until someone in the future makes an add-on to fill in missing images. In the meantime some sort of default pregnancy gown added to the different species supports to match their shape would be used till that specific clothing item gets their pregnancy images. Which in the case of SxB, a pregnancy gown would probably be a standard much like the crew uniform being you'd be able to tell at a glance which NPC or player is actively pregnant. So the missing images for individual items wouldn't be much of a shock or of high demand and could be filled out over time.
  8. Basically every species support can add a default outfit to their files for Pregnancy when Loc makes the pregnancy effect work with Armor Adapt. The status effect would change your images to the pregnancy outfit so as long as it is active. Later on, people could make artwork for outfit items and have alternate preg images for other outfits. Although the default pregnancy outfit for the species would tie over the lack of matching armor images. This is an example of one of these effects at work Which in this case is an override effect that is turning the player or npc invisible and applying a dog disguise. So in SxB's case, it would be applying a default pregnancy outfit to match your species. These are only image swaps so the stats of what you are wearing won't change.
  9. I recognize that name from Reddit, hope you enjoyed the mind bend there. SxB isn't the only mod that'll take advantage of Armor Adapt. I do not need to add SxB files to Armor Adapt for them to work together. Just a few changes to SxB and some images added in and whenever Armor Adapt is installed, the pregnancy effect will change the images of your outfit. The compatibility stuff SxB would need to work with Armor Adapt can be safely stored in SxB without any issues if Armor Adapt is uninstalled. The compatibility will just be sitting there, waiting for the mod to be installed.
  10. Maybe, haven't touched the support for a bit. For custom POV, I have to make the artwork myself and that is a little higher detail than just pixel art. It has to match up with other POV's and well... I have to make it look good. Granted I am working on Something that SxB will probably be taking advantage of soon, which is a mod that allows clothing/armor to swap their images to match your species and body type instantly so long as support is made. With a little work, I'm adding in a feature to allow status effects to alter which images are used and the SxB dev is interested in using this to allow SxB to swap the images of your current clothing to show a pregnancy bump while the pregnancy status effect is active. Working on finishing this mod, so when that is done, SxB and other supports may end up making updates to work for this.
  11. Please try to contact the mod authors privately if you can. Avoid posting any direct questions or mention of NSFW terms in the steam or forum pages. It is preferred to contact them privately to avoid a PR freak-out from possibly both the mod author and the larger steam community as a whole (kids and meme lords will see it if public). Contacting privately gives a higher success rate of approval. If they say no, then they say no. A few times in the past, pressing the matter didn't exactly go well. Support can only be made upon the mod author's approval.
  12. I cannot make the link for the discord at all. You'd have to speak to Alastor, Red, or Loc in order to join. Although the install directions on the lucario support page also works for the SxB API. One method is a little harder but that method is for those who like to tinker with settings in the code. The other method is as simple as downloading the .pak file and then putting it in the right spot. The install directions are easily found by reading the descriptions of the mod pages.
  13. View File Sexbound Lucario Support These patches add Sexbound API support for the Lucario Race "These"?? Well there is more than one version. Further explanation below. There is more than one version of this support due to a feature Sexbound API recently added, race specific moans and orgasms. Noteworthy Mentions Installation Required Mods A copy of the Lucario Race Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356955138 Github (remove the .git file and you'll have to keep up with installing the new updates manually, yourself.) https://github.com/Zancuno/Lucario-race Races Compatible to Pregnancies Permissions Submitter Zancuno Submitted 09/20/2020 Category Starbound  
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