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  1. Yes, I saw that too. Looks fucking amazing. I didn't have the chance to test this yet, but people seem to like it a lot so I guess this will the default solution for all things dialogue from now on. This makes working in this mod much, much easier. I had another look at the scripts recently and they are really messy. Some spelling errors that probably prevent some parts of the mod from functioning entirely. I am really looking forward to fixing all of this, but first I have to figure out Papyrus/Sexlab scripting. I am also working on a spreadsheet with all dialogue options neatly listed,
  2. I understand why the subtitles don't match and the dialogue is choppy, but I planned to mostly avoid this. Firstly, as a baseline, I wanted some generic responses with the almost exact same words for each generic voicetype. These would be mostly out of context vanilla lines, but since the replies are generic, this is irrelevant. Then I wanted to frankenstein some new and sexually explicit or alluding (mostly non-choppy) lines and replace the generic dialogue branches for different NPCs and situations where possible. I attached two Serana-example files that are explicit and only moderately chop
  3. Okay I gave it very quick look. My verdict is: Rough and impressive. Some of the voicelines sound a little too chopped up for my taste. Also, the subtitles seem to not match at all. I was going for a more refined feel, but you did quite a lot of work while did nothing at all But from what I did I can guess how much time you put into this. I'll try to look under the hood sometime in the coming weeks, to see if I can use your work as a base to build on (if you are okay with that of course), which would probably speed future development up tremendously.
  4. Wow, great! I can't really test this right now, but once I get around to it, I could put this on the mod page. It's somewhat ironic that you did to my update what I did to the original...
  5. You can suggest voicelines that can potentially be edited in way that make them sexual, suggestive or are useful for this mod in another way. But I already have quite a lot of potential material and if I get permission to use voicelines from other mods I should be all set. Generally, all suggestions and ideas are welcome!
  6. Don't worry, my child. I haven't forgotten the mod. Just don't expect an update any time soon. SILENCE, WENCH! How dare you suggest I abandon a mod I just a few short months ago adopted? I'm just too busy and need some time to get back into the game. Sorry for the long wait.
  7. What is FG? It is not abandoned, development is just paused at the moment. There is a very basic progression that will be expanded upon eventually. You can attach a zip file as a comment here, I'll take a look at the lines and include them if I think they fit Yeah, I'm nor sure how exactly 6he difficulty works myself. The original author did some weird stuff I think. I'll have to take a closer look at it. Khajiits will be supported if everything goes well. All unique NPC-Voices will be supported to an extent. But I'll put Elenwen at high pr
  8. Cool, maybe I'll ask the author if I can use some of their voice lines. Exactly the same as with any other mostly. They will have their own custom lines though. When I get around to actually get some work done on this mod, that is. I have already made some voice lines for Vex, but haven't gotten around to implementing them yet.
  9. I never used these mods and don't know what they do. I plan on reusing existing lines where appropriate. There is quite a lot of dialogue that can be chopped and put back together to create new dialogue. I actually have some new voicelines for Serana ready, but I don't have the time to implement. See these videos for an example of what I mean. Of course these are bad on purpose, but it's the same idea: No time to work on it, but I won't forget, don't worry. Only a few lines as of now, as a proof of concept.
  10. Seems interesting, I'll look into it someday. @VyxenneSorry, dialogue trees will take a while, I'm pretty busy with irl stuff for the time being.
  11. Nice. I'll upload the dialogue trees in the next couple days. Sadly, I can't do much about the teleporting to bed thing. In some future release I could maybe decrease the radius or make an MCM option to not show this prompt. There already is a threesome option! Tell your lover to follow you and then flirt with someone else. I never tested this myself, but there should either be a new dialogue option after that or all animations will now use the player and the two other actors
  12. That's great! I'm neither a native speaker nor a great writer. I'll let you know when I make any text changes. If you have any suggestions for better lines and dialogue, don't hesitate to tell me. Since I don't have a lot of time to work on this mod, all help and ideas of any kind are always welcome If you want, I can publish an overview of all dialogue trees so you can have an easy look at it.
  13. This shouldn't happen. I don't know what could cause this since I only edited the dialogue. I'll see what I can do about that, if you find out anything else, let me know. Yes, Eager NPCs has a small quest and lots of other features I don't want. Of course, suggestions are always welcome. Just keep in mind that I want to keep this mod small, light and immersive. I also have no Papyrus coding experience, so anything that requires scripting will be delayed until I have the time and energy too look into that. Have a look at the description and changelog to see where the mod
  14. I added a better description with the changelog at the bottom.
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