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  1. I appreciate all the work you put into your mods. They're always outstanding. Up until yesterday I was using v2 of the penis model and now i upgraded to v3. But the model isnt showing up in the WW penis settings. Just the default. I removed V2 and v3 are in all its folders, idk if that matters. But nothing has appeared and i'm using The latest patreon version of WW.
  2. Started a new poll in the topic. Vote on what you want to happen at the end of this may!
  3. The Sims 4 May Be Ending

    EA is always doing scumbag moves. Its a shame they make great games but manage them poorly. This modding community is pretty small but I dont think if the sims 5 comes out that were going anywhere. I mean for me it took 3 years to make the sims playable again, with mods.
  4. I was gonna start working on another story but I messed up the outfits and lost half the images . Oh well
  5. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I might just try to learn how to use blender and make poses. I need more selfies like this lol
  6. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Oh shit new story line incoming.
  7. Well for fucks sake. The whole page has been taken down for nsfw content. I cant catch a fucking break. I checked everything bad on my page for sensitive material and now some asshole wants to get triggered over nipples???
  8. If everything works out. We're planning on submission being avaialble may 1st
  9. *Update* The missing files for the following sims have been added: Samantha Mclellan Kio Misoka Kristina Vegga If anyone experiences missing content please let me know in the thread. Also the files are 10-30mb bigger now because my CC isnt really organized. You may have some repeats. I will try to fix this in the future.
  10. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Woah. Any chance youd let me download some of those rooms? They're stunning.
  11. Share Your Female Sims!

    Whos the hottie on the left?
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I'll double check those files tomorrow morning.
  13. Lol clothing is optional, but seriously the creator would earn more points with a nice outfit then having a naked sim. I'll be looking for simple posepacks to use. Nothing to extreme to distract from the sim. For the background its best to use a plain background and floor. Preferably white, black, blue, or green. Its all up to the creator.
  14. True. I didnt think about that. A single contest of all genders would work best.