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  1. I enabled them all, also went for the nuclear option and made a fresh install with mo2 as launcher. Still the same results xD
  2. Found something in the commands that might narrow down with my issue. I dont understand coding but i get these string of commands when equipping dlc armors meanwhile with vanilla armors,, i get these types of commands implying no issue.
  3. @Wario555 I might be late but you might need to pack the fomod file into a rar folder and try install it again on your mod manager.
  4. Im pretty new to fnv modding and i think i have an issue that has been addressed in this thread before. DLC armors and clothes do not switch to the pregnant versions when pregnant. I checked the needed boxes in the MCM settings for SCR ( extra companions and clothing ) as suggested but it changes nothing. Also did a redownload the prerequisites. Need halp.
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