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  1. Uses belt technology and tiny lady parts. The belt thing I always found stupid but AFAIK someone cared enough with the original game to actually work on making the belt nearly invisible and smoothing out the textures. Looking at the mod blurb, adding a belt is the superlazy way around it. Q:Why does she have a belt?A: Unfortunately the player model has some caveats. One of these is the inconsistency between the upper and lower body when projecting the texture on the model. This means the transition from upper body to lower body is nearly impossible to get right. To get around this, many modders simply add a belt to cover the point of transition. Q:Why does her genitalia look so small?A: This is actually one of the reason I did not want to do a nude mod. The surface area of the texture being projected on the model where her genitalia is suppose to be is really small. Stretching it out is not an option as the area directly below is her inner thighs. Therefore this is the best I can do. Don't stare at it too long and you won't notice it .
  2. I seem to recall there being a mod for Riesz that shapes her head a little better. Anyone got any information on that?
  3. Square Enix came forward with the funding they needed, which is why they have their name in the opening. This is also why the characters look MUCH closer to how they're supposed to look in the animated scenes than they did in P3.
  4. I hate to be the one asking, but what engine does P4G use and what modding programs are compatible? I have a feeling it's some version of Unreal, but those use .pak files while these are .pac files.
  5. So long as he eventually makes a barefoot version.
  6. Still trying to find Noir & Dark skins. The links on his site seem to be dead, and it seems they aren't on here anymore.
  7. I don't consider big tits, big ass and small waist that attractive a body shape but I do love the idea of this mod.
  8. One thing that isn't showing on MO2: AAF-Vanilla/Kinky/Creature Animations-Themes V190806.1 Here's the list of patches I'm using right now: AAF-Compatibility Patches v3.3 Miscellaneous Patches 31304-1-2-1561002574 (contains fixes for Shino, Thrax, Dave's, Just a Pose, Just a Pose lesbian and RaceData Servitron) AAF Patch for Leito and Crazy v3.2 (Only using the patch for Leito's) Well, that's it. Anything else I'm using is in the MO2 screencap I posted earlier. I appreciate how quickly you replied.
  9. Something weird is going on. The animations start and then stop after four rounds (left the setting at default); this is normal. * It happens whether I'm being raped by a human or otherwise (tested with Raiders and Bloatflies). * After stage 3, it'll start exhibiting game-breaking behaviour. What happens is my character will suddenly jump behind the aggressor and permanently have her hands in the air. Depending on whether it's a Raider or a Bloatfly one of two things will happen. The Raider(s) will just stop and stand around while the bloatfly will thrust continuously at the air. Basically I can't move at all. The game breaks. I'm also using Dynamic Performance Tuner and Load Accelerator. But not real handcuffs or anything to to do with restraints. I'm using CBBE in conjunction with Fusion Girl and ZaZ Extended Skeleton. It's possible there's a collison but I tested to see if that was the cause of my woes by enabling Fusion Girl while disabling CBBE and it isn't. I can start the Animation by using the AAF Scene Manager but it's kind of clunky and I'd rather the Violation animations play out instead of borking as described. Attaching a screencap of how MO2 looks right now.
  10. Many thanks for all your work, TURBO. I just have one question: I stopped playing a while (couple of months) and I decided to download the newest build and make a new Futa sim. I find out "Does this Sim have a penis?" has been changed to "Can this Sim use the toilet standing up?" This is a nonsense change. Plenty of women use the toilet standing up. Please clarify why you felt the need to change this.
  11. My apologies, I'll be more careful from here on.
  12. First post here, and while I'm not really having any problems with the Sexus Mod, I find myself wondering if anyone could either email me with these or PM me with a working link. Please. I've spent an hour or two a day for the last week looking for them. Thanks, Squark EDIT FROM LOOGIE: Removed what you're asking for from your post. Content depicting sex with kids isn't tolerated on LoversLab.
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