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  1. I downloaded the main files 001-004, for some reason when extracting it will say "archive corrupted" or something... that's why I was wondering whether there are any other download links? (Besides 4shared since I can't get it to download...) thanks EDIT: Nvm, got it working now... idiot me forgot to install 7z on my PC...
  2. How do I download from 4shared? Seems to me like they're asking me to download some spyware.... I got the main files from mediafire but they all seem to be corrupted when extracting EDIT: Nvm, got it to work... idiot me didn't install 7z on my pc
  3. Hmm I'm able to enter the castle when I set low quality, guess my comp's too weak lol. Anyway Lebreau's outfit is still missing textures any ideas?
  4. Still can't enter the castle =( Also Lebreau's boots seems to be missing some textures (it's purple), any ideas? thx
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