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  1. No matter the size... I will DOWNLOAD YOU and LOVE YOU. On a serious note, this mod is the one of the best comps ever existed. And voice acting? DEEEEEEEEEEM!
  2. Hi-yo! First of all - thank you for this wonderful girl. She is indeed a masterpiece. She is funny. She is HAUT. And... really tragic. Her story is send chills down my spine. Damn i want to hug and cuddle her all the time. Currently im hanging on top of her affinity. Already completed quest "'Robotic Assimilation'" But i can't start quest 'Processing Power!' She reminds me, that she want this piece of equipment she require but the quest itself don't start at all. No notification. Nothing. Is this suppose to be some kind of unmarked quests or something? Help me, Reginald_
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