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  1. yes, you can do ‚this but the one with only the cuckold trait will get jealous if his partner does something else than sex with another one. If that’s not your thing you should add both traits ☺️
  2. If you just want to make the specific sim not being jealous I think you only need to give it to the specific one... If another sim becomes jealous you can put that that trait on him also... Just try it ☺️
  3. You may buy the polyamourous trait at the aspiration rewards. You’ll find it at your aspiration tab. There’s a button looking like a present and there you can choose different traits to buy 😊
  4. Hello there ☺️ I’m looking for some hints and maybe mods and CC for creating a trap and sissy world inside the Sims4. I already use Colonel Nuttys Gender Settings mod to make my traps having breasts..... But there are some things missing which I don’t know how to fix or if it’s possible at all..... So here are my questions: Is there a way to give male sims with feminine body and feminine clothes a crotch bulge? I know there is a crotch bulge mod but afaik it only works on masculine clothing. Are there some nipple mods to optimize the breasts generated by the Gender Settings mod? Is there a way to make a male sim bi? If I change the gender prefs with WP Extras my sim is gay and can’t initiate sex with a female sim. Are there any recommendations for gay or LGBT related mods? I’m also looking for some trap and sissy related CC. Especially emo and goth stuff but also kitten and daddy’s girl things. Clothes, accessories, decorations and furnitures..... all of that and more. Thank you so much for reading til here and I’m looking forward to some hints and help to build my dream world 🥰
  5. So... I finally managed to solve the issue but..... I don´t know how 🙈 I reinstalled the game, and created a new savegame with - as far as I konow - the same mods I used to have before... it works now. Maybe there was an old package somewhere down in my mods folder but I don´t think it was a scripted on. All scripted mods I used before are back in the game..... Anyway, it works now :) Thank you for your patience :)
  6. Yes I did that, checking evrey 2-3 days for updates. but the problem now is there since 2 or 3 months... Taht´d be sad if Nisa´s WP would cause that..... So does that mean that I´m the only one with this problem.....?
  7. Just going in into this topic. same problem here: when I try to start a social event (calendar and phone) everything is blank..... Nothing.... I tried removing mod after mod but it doesn’t work. Only after a fresh install without any mod or cc running. At least WW and NisasWP should work. Without these Sims4 is no fun at all any longer... Does Someone found out what might cause this?
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