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  1. What all mods for adding content both SFW and NSFW would people here recommend for NV? Right now I have autumn leaves and desert succubus mods installed along with extra companions, Willow and an extra player home mod from Nexus. i might reinstall FO3 and TTW from steam later once my desktop is setup; but now am looking for primarily New Vegas centric mods. Iโ€™m mostly looking for additional ways to play, quests, companions and extra fun stuff to do outside main story quest. Thanks in advance. ?
  2. I talked to m3l and got his key to nipton bunker. Killed legions and dogs but cant talk to Piffie. I got cliffs key from novac. No matter what i do piffie wont talk to me and when I try to enter the Goodsprings bunker I get bum rushed by the robot. Ive done everything up to meeting piffie but I can't get the key to the door in her cell or get her to talk to me. Am i missing something or is the mod just not finished/bugged? Im at a lost and wpuld appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks.
  3. I think I fucked things up somehow. Sunny was coming up as an exclamation mark. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything. When I try to reactivate/reinstall things FOMM says the file already exists, and when I try to reinstall SexoutNG Data FOMM stalls terribly. I'm not sure what I've done wrong or how to fix it. ๐Ÿ˜–
  4. When I try to run FONV by itself with the MPO list, the game stalls terribly at the menu screen and I have to ctd. I have the 4GB patch, NVAC and Stutter Remover on. It might be I have too much active also. The grenade launcher causes a red exclamation mark, there's a red exclamation mark in front of the first Goodsprings Source, Sheeta from Fertile Breeder has no body and mine disappears when wearing DLC armor when pregnant. And also the escaped convicts in primm are showing exclamation marks. Here is my load order if it helps any:
  5. I've downloaded the files/requirements I didnt think that I had from the tutorial, extracted them all into a seperate folder on the desktop, removed all the esp and esms. Added it on FOMM, launched it and the clothes still seem to disappear. I dont know about the other issues but I suspect theyre still there. Should I go to vortex and uninstall everything and reinstall through the tutorial?
  6. Got things working only now clothes still disappear and I get floating heads and hands when I go into sex scenes I'm getting a message saying scs combat armor isnt compatible with SCR I dont know if disabling that one mod will fix the other issues though. Everything else seems to work so far. Also the script extendet says it can't find NV when I try running it from Vortex. ๐Ÿ˜–
  7. When I remove NG core, data and the patch the game CTDs on loading screen. With them installed it crashes after the ink test at doc Mitchell's. In TTW it crashes whenever I speak to an NPC. EDIT: Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling both FO3 and NV via steam or maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the various mods on Vortex or MO2?
  8. Flips table This whole process seems to be one step forward two back for me. First i got the bodies to come out right on NV but the game crashes midway through character creation. And in TTW it crashes when I talk to a NPC. I tried purging and redeploying everything now it crashes on the menu. I disabled the Script extender mod as its incompatible with the tool on Vortexs dashboard. And I couldnt seem to get it to work on MO2 either. Not sure where I'm f9@ยงing up but its starting to piss me off. facepalm
  9. Script extender plugin errors detected Then it repeats the same message for both errors.
  10. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything except FCO and the By Race mods and I still seem to get a naked body and disappearing clothes. On Vortex I get notifications of script extender errors saying things arent compatible and that a couple of mods are redundant. The BOG vody replacer and bouncing breast fix for 6M off Nexus. Im not sure if removing those would fix the problem or not. Or what to do about the NVSE compatibility error messages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Okay ive disabled the by race mods and I still seem to get a naked body and disappearing clothes. I think i have it narrowed down to one of my body replacers; but not sure Which one. Its either BnB, BOG Type3M, or Type 3M vanilla or Type 6M. And or the armor texture/mesh replacers for said body mods.
  12. Here are the mods and packages I have installed and activated on FOMM. I have tried going through all of them one by one and deactivating and reactivating and turning archive invalidation on and off and get them to work some times, and other times it works but the same clothes removing bug comes up. I am not sure which ones I should exclude or disable or what not. Any help would be appreciated. I have the MOP patch installed and enabled as well.
  13. I installed the patch and at first thought it didn't work but after some trial and error what I think it might be is having different body replacers enabled at once. Because I believe when I tried to use 3M and 6P with BnB and Athletic BnB is when clothes disappear. Because with just BnB or 3M or 6M, or just going with vanilla race she appears in under wear. But when I go to one of the optional ones like gaunt, well endowed etc she is conpletely naked. So I am thinking it has something to do with character body replacers and meshes.
  14. Is it under the SMMP mod thread/file? Do you have a link to the fix?
  15. I fixed it mostly by running it all through FOMM, but now when I select a certain body type and after a few seconds from equipping an outfit it disappears from the character model and inventory. I'm using Sexout,SCR,Spunk,Slavery,Tryout,Pregnancy,Offspring,Maternity Pack Overkill, two Fertile Breeder mods, BnB,Type 6M, 3M, Breezes Males, 3d genitals and pubes, and Equippable futanari mods. I dont know if its an actual error/glitch in game or part of the Sexout Mods. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer, Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜
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