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  1. I will be eagerly awaiting another SE conversion for the new update! I've run into some issues however that I hope someone might have some insight on- I suspect the issue is somewhere between ABMM, this mod, and MME. With those 3 combined, my latency/lag timers for scripts firing is ASTRONOMICAL and I cannot for the life of me figure out how best to resolve it. (We're talking, if I use the milk self spell with MME, it might take 10 minutes IRL to milk 10 milks, at a rate of 1 per second; or another example, initiating a sexlab scene might take several minutes just to START and wit
  2. This is totally incorrect. An * means you are ovulating, a ! means you have sperm inside you. You can only get pregnant if both conditions are active and it takes (there is a chance of failure). Without context I have no idea what the '0' is you're talking about. That could be your cycle day, it could mean 0% fertility (which means you have a 0% chance to conceive if you had sperm present).
  3. Also still having this issue. If it helps, my settings are- 21 Day cycle, 14 day pregnancy, 7 day baby->child growth, 7 day recovery period. This amounts to essentially falling exactly into ovulation as soon as the baby is grown and the recovery period ends (Lets say ovu starts day 7, get pregnant, 14 days later is day 21/day 1, then in 7 days recovery ends/baby grows into child, ovulation begins again.)
  4. @Bad Dog is it ok to upgrade 9->10 and what changed in v10?
  5. Btw @RMCW your update fixed my issue... on the first kid.... but then afterwards had the issue with it not removing from SLIF correctly again. Not sure if I'm just not waiting long enough (but I would think after birth/getting the baby sling would be long enough, at that point on the 2nd child the inflation ballooned like before, jumping up to 26+ from 4.5, even after trying to unregister the actor) or if somehow that only fixes it the first time.
  6. Bless. Hope this is ok to replace mid run but idk why it wouldn't.
  7. Awesome. Thank you for the in depth explanation! (It was not super obvious from the intro mod post, nor from the MCM, hence my asking)
  8. @RMCW Not only this, after more testing if you don't reset actor and unregister them from FM as soon as you have a child, the node size EXPLODES rapidly (up to like 24 for me from a 4.5 cap). I would think this would be resolved if you were able to fix the issue of it not removing from actor after child is birthed though.
  9. Sorry- 'and how* do those events trigger' is my question. You keep saying there are events and that they trigger but have yet to say how they actually trigger. I'm trying to get the bestiality and pet collar options that are enabled by your MCM to actually happen for testing but have no idea how.
  10. And do those events trigger? Both equipping the collar and the creature event (and can the creatures equip collar?)
  11. ... doesn't your mod use it though? Its even in the MCM, there are events that trigger getting the pet collar by followers. That's what I'm asking about. I already know how PetCollar works, that isn't at all what I'm asking. I'm also asking about horses as companions/followers in your mod. You clearly have support for them (Again, your MCM has specific settings for animals) I'm just wondering how those events are triggered for THIS mod. Thanks!
  12. @Scrab. Hey Im trying this mod out and trying to understand the horse (or whatever bestiality) options. Could you please explain what I should be doing/what is supposed to happen exactly? I assumed it worked somehow in relation to pet collar, given that it integrates with horses afaik, but thus far Ive just been riding around and theres no way to engage in a dialogue obviously so what is it that is supposed to happen to trigger any kind of events? (Up to and including the player being collared)
  13. Females should not get you pregnant no. Unless for some reason they are flagged as males/have male bits.
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