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  1. I came across the same dilemma and have tried both out independently as memes for my faction while both were installed along with the orgy event mod through c0ffee's lazy installer. Using the sexperience memes the rituals work fine (all but the wedding are sexperience or base ideology dlc and the Sexperience creator actually added a patch to their own code to help when the wedding wasn't working for me properly) and haven't missed anything from having the other precepts chosen. I haven't had any issues with other factions acting like hypersexuals with both enabled but I suppose could depend on what else you're running and your settings (I have some pretty decent whoring pawns and visitors usually take up 0-2 times while they're at my base, with 0 not being uncommon though not sure if they were actively soliciting much). I'm running Zoophile, Rapist & Lewd from Sexperience and then Sex Cult from "Sex Cult Essentials ALPHA" which I am assuming is c0ffee's.
  2. Have an issue with what looks like the lewd wedding looking at the logs, two colonists got married via the ritual on a grand altar at least a few days ago in-game time, but I think another colonist ended up raping one of them as soon as the social part of it ended preventing them from properly consummating if that helps. Last night my game crashed and I didn't think much of it but I tried loading up the autosave today and after like half a minute unpaused in game it crashes every time (frozen with end process option, doesn't go away ever like a loading screen issue would). Have an extensive mod list btw but has been working fine until now: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/c5e908b14710567383a7693098dee65c Otherwise great mod addition, been really enjoying the changes!
  3. i'd argue that bukkake and stds still deserve a place in the mod unless you're planning on expanding them a lot more or something. the simple enable/disable options in settings is enough. definitely agree with moving the beds and bdsm apparel to seperate add-on mod(s) though also props on not letting this entitled whiny kiddo get to you lmao
  4. Is syphilis supposed to be OP? My girls been in a normal masterwork bed most of the time, treated 100% with glittermeds and has 100% blood pumping/filtration, yet she's already at 16% with 5% immunity (was treated immediately). Immunity seems to build extremely slowly, I'm assuming they die at 100% severity? EDIT: Nevermind, I now see the severity goes down over time, that worried me for a hot minute.
  5. If that's still an issue can you post a screenshot of the pawn's health tab?
  6. ahh you're right, that'd be the issue. thanks. you're right, i'm thinking of contraceptive implants
  7. This could be because I added it through Prepare Carefully on the arm (made sense to me and shows 0% fertility, as for the usual stuff I just added in all the pawns genitals with dev mode on landing) but she's managed to get pregnant. Is it like real life IUDs where they only guarantee 99.9% or is it a bug?
  8. Yes, look in the Pregnancy settings for traits options, and any kids I've had have had same hair/similar skin to parents. Not sure about body types.
  9. Not familiar with the mod but does the Hauler have the appropriate body parts?
  10. Just saw this on the workshop and came to comment haha. Nice. Also love the acronym for it 😂
  11. Any chance of adding the ability to add defnames to the animations in in-game settings? Sort of like how Hunt for Me allows you to define what is and isn't a cat, should be hunted etc. by writing the names in. Would be a helpful QoL update.
  12. Had that issue myself a bit back - did the pawns spawn with chest/genitals/anus properly? For me they didn't and once I added them with dev mode I was able to roll other sexualities again.
  13. I think you were answered pretty well on everything else but I wanted to note that while mood doesn't affect vulnerability, the quality of the room affects how much visitors will pay.
  14. 1. Increasing parts sizes through surgery or licentia labs, big parts are most desired. Some traits affect it. If you designate them as CPs and they get masochist trait that'll increase it too. 2. You could always use Trading Spot and choose them to hang around your jail? Tbh I've never seen prisoners whoring for money actually working. Not sure if that's intended or not. Are you using Harvest Organs Post Mortem/Prisoner Harvesting/Harvest Everything or a similar mod? I'd say that'd be the issue. Check those settings.
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